A professor will often assign a topic, or provide you with a list of approved topics from which you can choose the one that interests you most.
The most important thing to remember in this situation is that the topic you choose should be clearly related to the general subject of the assignment or the course. After you have gathered a number of potential sources to peruse, take the time to determine whether they are beneficial or not. Once you have determined that your research materials are worth digging into and working with, you can approach the data in different ways to get the most out of your researching. The end product of all your research should reflect the main points of your sources and support the argument you present in your paper, lab report, PowerPoint presentation, or oral presentation.
Once you have compiled your research and used it to support the arguments you make in your academic assignment, the final step is to edit and proofread your work. In addition to the process outlined above, it is a good idea to stop your research periodically and check to make sure you are still focused on your topic, aware of deadlines, and on schedule to complete your project or assignment. In May, more than 6,500 Liberty University Online students walked across the commencement stage to receive their diplomas. Liberty University’s online Christian college offers Christ-centered online degrees to students from all backgrounds and traditions, and from every part of the globe.
Liberty’s online degrees are taught in a flexible virtual classroom environment, allowing students to complete assignments on their own schedules.
Liberty truly invests in the lives of its students, which is why we strive to make our online degree programs affordable with scholarships and financial aid available. If you are interested in becoming a Liberty student, click on one of the degree options above for more information. Every class, professor and classmate has contributed to my rich education in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

The bar chart below shows the number of students attending a three different course from 2001-2004.A  Identify the main trends and summarize the data. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Read academic journal articles online, written by well read and experienced authors having vast knowledge on their respective subjects. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
A library, either online or on the ground, may be the best place to begin gathering the sources you will need to learn about your topic. Unfortunately, some sources are far less helpful than others, so it important to evaluate the research and articles you have uncovered before launching your project.
Taking notes on all of your materials is essential, as the number of sources you consult in your research might be quite numerous. For any source you get ideas from, paraphrase, or directly quote, you must cite the source of that information. The best students remember that all writing involves rewriting to achieve a polished final product. Cloud State University is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Many of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by Liberty University Online can be completed 100 percent online using an eight-week delivery format, with some exceptions in which a student is required to complete a minimum number of courses on campus.
The faculty members at Liberty’s online Christian college are leaders in the industry who use real-world experience and current industry practices to create in-depth curricula from a Christian worldview.
Students choosing to attend college online have the option of visiting the campus for one-week intensive classes, tours, and Commencement ceremonies.

Transfer evaluations for students interested in transferring to Liberty are free, so you can make the best choice for your education.
You can also contact an admissions specialist who can help you create a plan for your educational success. Also, the whole point of any research assignment is to allow students to demonstrate their ability to compile, assess, and analyze information and come to a new conclusion.
There are also searchable newspaper databases like the International Coalition on Newspapers, which can include centuries-old newspapers and popular publications in addition to their book catalogs.
This is especially true when it comes to finding information on the Internet, where you can find hundreds of websites that are only tangentially connected to your research topic.
You should also make sure that when you select your topic, you get approval from your professor or check to make sure that your topic will fulfill the assignment. It is absolutely necessary to remain focused on your research topic, and assess the usefulness of each of your sources. For example, a manual on brain surgery written by a biology researcher who has never conducted surgery would have less credibility than a manual written by an experienced brain surgeon. You don’t even have to be in a physical library to reap the benefits of librarian help.
When you use an online library, there are librarians available to you in real-time, meaning that you can email a question and receive a response in a reasonable amount of time.

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