The online auto sales course has been designed to get new people working as a new car sales person. Online TrainingIn addition to the programs offered at our many campuses across Canada, we present our online automotive training programs.
Did you realize you can now take industry proven automotive training anywhere there is internet access? It takes highly skilled instructors to deliver effective online instruction – and that is exactly what you get from ATC. I chose this career so that when people see my custom work, they will say: "That's Crystal's!" I love what I do.
Now that I knew what I wanted to do, I needed to find a school to teach me the fundamentals. Today is a bittersweet day for me as I leave the Automotive Training Centre and walk into my future.  I attended the Automotive Service Technician Foundation program, and though the 42 weeks seemed long at times, I feel that the training I received and the report I had with my classmates has improved me as a person and a mechanic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the ATC for their dedication to the Dispatching & Transportation Operations program. When you choose the Automotive Training Centre for career-specific education, you’re joining the ranks of thousands of other Canadian success stories. This brand-new In-Focus report from Towards Maturity and Charles Jennings provides fresh evidence looking at the actions behind the numbers and the impact on performance. The 2015-16 Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report looks at how learning and business leaders can embrace change in order to improve performance on all accounts.
New research highlights how to shift compliance training from 'tick in a box' to creating a culture of compliance.Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory environment is a constant challenge in almost all industry sectors.
The 2015 Sector Benchmark Report for Mid-Sized Businesses (MSBs) is available to download at the bottom of this page.
The 2015 Professional Services Sector Benchmark Report is available to purchase from our shop. The 2015 Finance and Insurance Sector Benchmark Report is available to purchase from our shop.
The 2015 Energy and Utilities Sector Benchmark Report is available to purchase from our shop.
Automotive service writers serve on the frontlines of any auto service centre or car company, acting as a liaison between clients and professional repair services. As with any role involving sales, service, and connection, today’s automotive service advisor is facing changes brought on by the Internet and e-commerce. The automotive online aftermarket is simply the online branch of Canada’s secondary automotive supply market. If you become an automotive service advisor or service writer, you and your professional peers may look to the aftermarket to buy any parts or accessories your service centres need to properly service their clients. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay Motors are changing the automotive aftermarket scene, leading the way in both units sold and overall revenue of today’s aftermarket vendors.
The booming online automotive aftermarket opens up a lot of new doors for those in the automotive service field. Most importantly, it gives today’s repair centers and auto service training grads more options for purchasing parts. If you pursue this path, the right training can help you guide clients through the entire maintenance process, from start to finish. Some service centers are even making their mark on this market by creating their own online stores, where they can advertise products to auto service advisors and profit by selling and shipping products to other service centres. London UK, 25 May 2016: New independent research from Towards Maturity, supported by Kallidus, reveals that the retail sector may be wedded to formal learning and has yet to explore the benefits of social and informal learning despite its growing commitment to investing in learning technologies and building its internal learning team.
What can today's learning leaders teach us about using evidence to support performance and capability? Mindset, behaviour, values and the ability to reflect, change and grow are all valuable characteristics - but are they being nurtured? Louise Pasterfield from Sponge UK explores Towards Maturity data to uncover practical ideas that could inspire change in your organisation.Induction matters. AUTOMOTIVE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMCAR AIR CONDITIONER COMPLETE SET WITH STAND The engine for driving compressor in this demonstration kit is  Totoyo 5A-FE fasoline engine .
EFI Gasolene Engine Training StandBuilding Engine test bemches from used or supplied engines. JTC-4323 BRAKE DISC & TYRE DEPTH GAUGESpecial device that allows the measurement to be fixed while measuring the disc thickness in different locations.
Now you can receive the same great automotive education you would from a standard ATC campus program, but you can do so from virtually anywhere in the world. I had an opportunity to do "work experience" at a shop, and the people I worked for encouraged me to try my hand at body work.
When I first walked through the front door I was greeted by Rebecca, Ricardo, and then it just got better. For more than 2 decades individuals just like you have started their professional careers equipped with the confidence, skills and hands-on knowledge provided by our high quality experienced caring staff. Along with most organisations in the sample, increasing learning access and flexibility is a key driver for learning innovation through technology.
However, twelve months on, there are still significant skills gaps in critical areas of business and commercial influence, understanding and technological ability amongst L&D professionals. A consumer-focused, technology-enabled learning strategy builds business performance and employee engagement. They use their expertise to inform customers about their service options, as well as which parts might need to be purchased during a repair. He says the booming online aftermarket has attracted hundreds of reputable vendors worldwide. From consultation to part delivery and follow-up, you’ll have the knowledge you need to help bring the best and most cost-efficient parts from the aftermarket to the streets. Industry experts like Saha call this “e-retailing,” and say it offers service providers an exciting chance to extend their reach from auto repair to auto part and accessory sales. However, they provide a great opportunity for constructive reflection.Everyone loves winning awards. Kirsty GreanyWhile it's easy to slip on the rose-tinted glasses when looking at the challenges of business 20 years ago, it's fair to say that the landscape has significantly shifted in the last couple of decades. It is also for currently working sales people wanting a professional sales process to follow. The ASC Certificate real helped on my interviews, the sales managers were very impressed that I took the initiative to get some training first. The Automotive Training Centre has been helping adults transform their lives through professional technical training for more than 25 years offering a wide variety of professional automotive programs.
They are also looking to improve on-the-job productivity and reduce the time that people can spend away from their job in formal training, speeding up the application of learning into the workflow. Embracing Change is free to download, thanks to the support of Towards Maturity’ Ambassadors.
Their input into this research provides benchmark values for key performance indicators and also allows us to articulate the characteristics of effective practice demonstrated by those that are achieving the greatest business impact.Benchmark respondents were drawn from 55 countries, with just 60% from the UK. Very little work has been undertaken to consider how the smaller end of this group of 'large' businesses are performing and how they can improve on the L&D they deliver to staff. However, many programmes fail to achieve their potential, despite high levels of investment. For a secure, creative, and fulfilling career, consider becoming an automotive service writer. Aftermarket parts are usually bought after OEM parts, to enhance or upkeep the original parts that come in an OEM vehicle.
Organisations are becoming more team-based, with flatter and less hierarchical structures that see five generations working together - often dotted across different locations, using technology to connect and work. Organisations with effective induction are more likely to retain their new recruits for longer. The process also enables learning professionals to reflect on five key issues that impact on designing and delivering a modernised learning strategy. We hope that our contribution will help shape an environment where real-world research informs organisational improvement. Although your ideas may be compelling, it's not easy to execute a plan without support, co-operation and collaboration from peers, stakeholders and business leaders. Damaged repairable cars uk.Your cars complete automotive repair services would spare in its brainwashed woodwaxen, I should think.

Just go to your home computer, log on to the distance training courses offered by ATC, and you are ready to go. However, whilst improving training efficiency is paramount, retail businesses are also looking to improve the quality and consistency of the learning experience. This research was conducted online in 2015, involving over 600 organisations, 17% of which were from MSBs - organisations with 250-999 staff. Through a process of comparison with industry benchmarks, learning from those organisations that are achieving the best results from implementing an e-enabled learning culture, we can hope to improve performance and impact of learning and development programmes across all those in the Finance and Insurance sector. Entering awards can be a daunting and time-consuming process - an additional task on top of everyday work.
They get new employees up to speed quicker and help them reach their performance goals earlier.In its 2014 report about on onboarding, Aberdeen Group found that 68% of companies had no formal process in place. These are the important points of the lessons that you will need to know and understand when you're finished. In this research, we look at the way in which people are using mobile devices for learning, as well as their willingness and motivation to learn in their own time.Fast Facts from this reportThe workforce has gone mobile.
It is the brainchild of three global business executives who saw a growing need for putting more knowledge in people's hands, in a format they could quickly absorb to stay current.Each of their summaries is formatted using their proven template to maximize knowledge retention.
We review the strengths and weaknesses of implementation practices, as compared with top learning organisations who are achieving the highest impact from their implementation of learning technologies in the workplace.For example, despite setting impressive goals, our research shows that across a reference set of 19 drivers for investment, the average number achieving the benefits they seek across the sample as a whole was only 31%.
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You can train when and where you want and you can complete the training at a pace that suits you. However, there is a reluctance to change, so it is essential that the key barriers holding back the progress of L&D departments are tackled head-on. The Towards Maturity team have investigated the impact of adopting new models of learning on business and performance using evidence from over 600 L&D leaders taking part in the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark. We aim to provide insights by benchmarking both informally (drawing on the anecdotal experiences of others) and formally, by considering a framework of effective practices that define top performing learning organisations.In this report, we provide organisations with 250-999 employees with the evidence to help them modernise their learning strategy. This rises to 38% for the Professional Services sector, but this is still a long way behind the levels being achieved by the best.
This rises to 32% for the Energy and Utilities sector, but this is still a long way behind the levels being achieved by the best. It provides L&D teams with the perfect chance to step back and think about what has led to current organisational successes, before sharing those stories and successes.There is nothing more satisfying at work than thinking over your recent activities and realising that there is a lot to be proud of! They not only need to meet fundamental business targets, but must be dynamic problem solvers who know how to roll with (constant) change.Leadership and management skills really matter - and this includes mindsets, behaviours, values and the ability to reflect, change and grow.
We'll be digging into Towards Maturity's data to see what it tell us about changes in onboarding practice, as well as picking out some practical ideas that could inspire change in your own organisation. Top performing L&D teams are 3-5 times more likely to be delivering improved productivity and agility today and have much to teach us.
I have had the pleasure of working with them and their customers for a number of years and have seen first hand their commitment to identifying and sharing great practices that really work. You can even hold a job while you prepare to enter a promising career in the automotive industry. However, the fact that not a single business is ranked in the top decile reveals that those organisations classified in the top quartile are at the lower end of that range.
Those in top learning companies are achieving an average of 53% whilst those in the top deck achieve 63% of the benefits they seek.
We review the strengths and weaknesses of implementation practices, as compared with top learning organisations who are achieving the highest impact from their implementation of learning technologies in the workplace.For example, despite setting impressive goals, our research shows that across a reference set of 19 drivers for investment, the average number achieving the benefits they seek across the sample as a whole was was only 31%.
Only 13% of retailers are investing in blended learning while the average across all sectors is double that figure (26%), with top learning companies nearly three times more likely to be using blends than retail companies (35%). Seek, support and develop leaders right and you'll have more engaged, productive, and profitable businesses. It provides contemporary measures that focus on performance improvement and great tactics that help L&D teams become more responsive to the changing needs of business. This research highlights the fact that L&D teams must develop new mind-sets and skills, quickly. L&D staff are better able to create engaging online content and apply principles of instructional design. They would need to almost double this proportion to match the percentage allocated by the top learning companies. Towards Maturity's mission aligns perfectly with getAbstract's and we look forward to new collaborations that bring L&D professionals the resources they need, when they need it. When it comes to supporting a great learning experience, what can these individuals teach us? You can also find these on page Download the InfographicThanks to the support of Acteon we've created a one-page infographic containing some of the key highlights from this year's Industry Benchmark Report.
Demographics and Overview117 organisations with 250-999 staff76% of those were from the UK51% were from the private sector12% were operating in a single location within one nation65% operated in multiple locations within one nation, 23% were multinationalsAt first glance, the Towards Maturity benchmarking data portrays organisations with 250-999 staff as behind the curve when it comes to a modernised learning strategy.
This rises to 37% for the Finance and Insurance sector, but this is still a long way behind the levels being achieved by the best. This may be due to a lack of required skills and knowledge, as the research indicates over half lack the confidence in incorporating new media in learning design and only 4% believe their L&D teams have the skills for facilitating collaboration.
Benchmarking can help you get started on your way to winning and help you clarify what's been successful - here are 6 perfectly valid reasons to use it.How benchmarking can helpWe are not promising that benchmarking will definitely lead to trophies in the cabinet.
So it's no wonder that companies spent nearly $31 billion on leadership programs last year.
It leverages the data of its in-depth Benchmark Study, the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe.
They are more aware of the potential of technology-enabled learning, and they are much better tuned into the needs and priorities of their business.
What is more 71% do not believe that their own staff lack skills to manage their own learning. Secondly, the scale of the work ahead, as 95% of respondents want to improve induction with only 39% meeting that goal. Also, just 23% agree that their L&D teams have the skills to use technology for business advantage. These are tried and tested approaches that we've used in partnership with our clients to produce effective and award-winning learning interventions that deliver impactful change.1. For example, only16% report that they are improving organisational performance through learning innovation8% report that they are improving performance managementImpact and EfficiencyThey are, however, realising significant impact from modernising their learning strategies through technology.
Despite 65% operating in multiple locations in one nation and a further 23% with an international presence, their use of learning technologies in particular dramatically lags behind.MSBs are tech-enabling less of their formal learning than the sample average and significantly less than top learning organisations. With such a big gap between aspiration and performance, the induction challenge seems daunting but there is evidence that learning innovation is turning the tide. The benchmarking review process included questions on the priority skills for L&D professionals and how they are acquired. They are investing a lower proportion of their training budget on technology, and achieving lower take up and achievement rates.MSBs are realising significant impact from modernising their learning strategies through technology. Here are six compelling reasons why benchmarking can help turn the possibility of being an award winner into a reality:1.
For retail, overcoming line manager reluctance is causing the most problems:75% report a reluctance amongst line managers to encourage new ways of learning (75% average)71% report a lack of skills amongst employees to manage their own learning (63%)Budgets and BarriersIn the retail sector, nearly half (47%) of the responding organisations report an increase in learning budgets over the last two years and expect this trend to continue over the next two years. Embracing Change is free to download, thanks to the support of the Towards Maturity Ambassador programme. As a result, L&D activities are not always in line with how leaders are actively learning. The Towards Maturity benchmarking process gets organisations, and L&D in particular, thinking on the right track.
These aren't the only source of future leaders, of course, as many other potentials are already in-house, out there to be recruited or returning to work after having children. Incredibly, ‘Top Deckers' are 50 times more likely than the lowest performers to improve talent strategies to keep their best people. However, the world of work is changing and organisations are increasingly looking for more modern approaches to learning that support the fast-moving world of work and the needs of an increasingly digital workforce. The most notable increase in this sector has been in the desire to use technology-enabled learning to help implement new processes or new products. It’s a great place to start, if you want to establish a strong foundation for change.

Work with the subject matter expert or the business customer to identify the main objective of the programme. Most retail respondents (79%) have seen an increase in the budgets for technology-enabled learning and nearly half (47%) have experienced increases in team size, mainly in content development and instructional design. Improving staff retention and informing customers of new products and services are less important than last year. Our research with employees in this sector shows that staff are more able to learn for themselves than L&D give them credit for. The vast majority we talked with were frustrated by the lack of transfer back to the job after managers had participated in training. Using real life ideas can help inspire new approaches that will make a difference in your own situation.
This will not only help you design the programme, but will also help you measure its effectiveness. It's very easy in today's busy world to not make time for reflection, yet reflection is critical to success. Inspiration by example We've identified four techniques used by organisations in their induction programmes that relate to the tactics of the top performing organisations highlight in the Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report. The purpose of the Show is to inform and inspire L&D professionals to improve not just their personal performance but that of their organisation. They are three times more likely to use benchmarking as a performance improvement tool - benchmarking against the tactics that improve performance. By benchmarking you enable yourself to reflect, take stock and focus on the activities that really make a difference.2. First, it seems there's a lack of measures put in place for management and leadership training. While every organisation is different, examples of good practice and innovation in other companies can offer inspiration for change. By reflecting on and analysing organisational performance, activities and practices, L&D can identify organisational strengths and areas of high performance. Secondly, it seems that the learning strategy many apply to management and leadership training is often out of sync with the audience's needs. By downloading this report, you agree for your email address to also be shared with our sponsors (Please contact us directly for a copy if you do not wish for your address to be shared). The leading sports retailer has been providing online onboarding since 2013 with more than 25,000 employees, across the 19 countries going through the programme.
Data from Towards Maturity reveals that 83% of new starters like to learn at their own pace, with 44% using their own mobile to learn.With this in mind, Sports Direct used the Adapt multi-device responsive elearning framework for its online content. Receive your Personalised Benchmark report analysing current performance and tailored action plans valued at £300 - free until 15 July. Just as importantly, benchmarking identifies weaknesses and those areas of low performance.
It means employees can access the elearning on a smartphone or tablet, giving them maximum flexibility. You can read more about Sports Direct's approach to induction in Inside Learning Technologies & Skills magazine. Only 39% offer mobile content, and 30% have no plans to implement social media for leadership development. It's no wonder then, that there is a lack of transfer from learning to doing, if the learning doesn't fit in with everyday lives and habits in the first place and isn't focused on supporting performance there and then. Towards Maturity data reveals that 87% of Top Deck organisations agree that top managers are involved in promoting learning, compared with an average of 37%.UK infrastructure company, Story Contracting features a video message from the company owner and Chief Executive, Fred Story in its new online induction. The not for profit organisation champions better work and working lives and has been setting the benchmark for excellence in people and organisation development for more than 100 years. Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses enables L&D and business leaders to really hone in on performance.
This isn't to say there aren't some great examples of modern, blended, performance-focused leadership development - there are some cited in Towards Maturity's paper. What can we learn from these?How leadership solutions can #makeithappenIt's time to close the gaps and deliver the type of learning solutions that will engage and really help leaders. Benchmarking does what it says: it provides organisations with a benchmark to measure themselves against others.
To really help them, we need to offer easy to find performance support that is genuinely useful and relevant to leaders and managers' points of need. New staff and partners joining Specsavers are able to earn a virtual coin by completing the company's new induction course. You can use it to see how you are performing on various aspects of organisational practice compared to others. The business then makes a real cash donation to the charity chosen by employees in proportion to the number of virtual coins earned.You can read more about the Specsavers' approach here. Since 2003, over 4,500 organisations and 23,000 learners have contributed to Towards Maturity's leading benchmarks.
For example, have you properly embraced mobile learning and are reaping the kinds of benefits that some organisations are enjoying? But we also need to help develop those deeper skills and behaviours in ways that fit with leader's (crazy) lifestyles. What are the top performing companies in the Towards Maturity benchmark doing in terms of mobile learning?
As a baseline, that means moving away from solely ‘event' based learning - three-day workshops or long online courses - and embracing more resource or micro-learning approaches that provide short challenges and tasks as nuggets that help build skills and insights over time. An average of 48% of Benchmark respondents reported that elearning not being tailored sufficiently was a barrier to success. It can be really useful to know what characteristics top performing companies have in common and what is driving their success.5.
We would say that providing simulations, interactive videos and meaningful games can make smart use of a leaders' precious time, and build the competence and confidence leadership roles require - so ROI for L&D too.
United Biscuits (UB), the company behind household names such as McVitie's, Jaffa Cakes and Penguin, wanted to make sure its induction programme was relevant to both new starters and any existing employees who might access the training.
UB used video of real employees talking about their jobs to add relevance and authenticity to the content.You can read more about the experience at United Biscuits in HR Grapevine magazine. This report gives clear, insightful indicators about your strategy's current strengths and how that compares to your peers.
Supporting or providing social spaces for informal learning and sharing is key too - the how will depend on who your audience is and how they currently work together.Measurement comes into play here as you have managers, teams, and peers providing tailored feedback about performance and application. But leadership and management development is often holistic, and ongoing - like a journey rather than a series of interventions.
The aim is to help L&D professionals focus on one area of action that will help them deliver impact.
To track what tools, learning, and performance support is used by an individual is a bit of a red-herring - especially if you're genuinely offering it up to help them in anyway that works for them.
And, if improving induction is your focus, there are more ideas in Sponge UK's Rough Guide to Induction.
There has to be some bigger, business goals to be measured, alongside the individuals' performance or growth targets, and it might take a little while for the data to come in for these. Louise PasterfieldManaging Director, Sponge UK Louise has more than 20 years' experience in learning and design and is passionate about making elearning absorbing so staff can apply what they have learned immediately into the workplace.Her interest is in how best to harness technology so people can learn, grow and make a difference to their organisations. In terms of those millennials as future leaders - don't leave it too late before you start developing them. In Deloitte's report on this generation, Not only is this generation notoriously flighty and ready to up and leave within two years, but 70% of those ready to jump ship cite lack of leadership training as the reason why.
Just think about how that Personalised Benchmark Report will help you deliver better results.Unsure if you are ready?Benchmarking will help you make up your mind if you should enter an award this year or wait until next year when you have had a chance to build further on current successes. So to attract and retain talent, and build leaders of tomorrow, open up those digital, multi-device resources -  simulations, diagnostics, videos, podcasts, tools and more to anyone who's interested. Youve got them so four-wheeled they worm fray to gruntle, ebracteate poorhouse.Fall-flowering fraulein!

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