Each Facebook "Like" and Google +1 boosts the search rankings of these reviews so that more students will find them. In general, administration is a concept that includes all the processes involved with the successful running of a business.
A degree in business administration prepares you for entry- to mid-level positions in a wide variety of careers. Most business management programs, on the other hand, tend to narrow the degree’s focus from the start so that students are taking courses that prepare them for management roles. In addition, students in some business management programs focus their education on a specific sector of the business world: agricultural business, hospitality management or human resource management, for example. Though there are differences between the two types of degrees, career opportunities after graduation are similar. No matter what business career path you choose, the online Bachelor of Business Administration at King University is a great place to start. The online program combines the best of both worlds: a business administration degree with a management focus. For many people who currently work in the food business or in retail, the idea of working in an office environment is a dream come true.
If you are interested in pursuing a true career, then you might want to consider earning an AAS in Business Administration – Office Management. This degree takes as little as two years to complete, but it will adequately prepare graduate for any number of prestigious careers. Students who are interested in applying to an associate degree in office management should first have a high school diploma or general education degree, be over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment and have a demonstrated interest in a career in office management or business administration. Some schools will have additional requests like requiring students to have SAT or ACT scores, written references, related work experience or a specific high school grade point average. After graduating with an associate degree in business administration with a specialization in office management, students will have a number of career opportunities to choose from.
Many students choose to pursue their degrees online in order to enjoy the flexibility, convenience and affordability.
To find a serious career in office management, consider enrolling in an online degree program offered through an accredited online college. Sandy Davis is a long-time educator who holds a Master’s Degree in Education, having taught English, writing, and communication on the secondary and college levels.
Because of its interdisciplinary nature, this is the most common type of business degree program available at colleges and universities.

Curriculum in most business administration programs covers core business topics like ethics, marketing, finance, economics, research and more.
Rather than learning about the various aspects of business, management students focus on staffing, directing, planning, organizing and human resource functions.
Because of this specialized approach, students sometimes have fewer elective choices, or less credits available to use as electives.
A solid background in business education qualifies you for a wide variety of jobs, and majoring in administration doesn’t mean that employers won’t consider you for management positions.
Our program prepares you for a wide variety of business careers like the ones listed above. You’ll apply your experience and use it to learn an advanced set of skills you can use in the workplace.
Not only do many office employees enjoy stable careers, but there is also an element of professionalism evident in everything from attire to behavior.
Read on for more information on what subjects are studied for a degree in office management, what the prerequisites for students are, what kind of career opportunities are available for graduates and why a student might want to consider an online degree instead of a degree from a traditional college campus.
Although the specific curriculum for the degree will differ slightly depending on where you attend college, most students should expect to study courses like office technology, office software, payroll, database management, accounting, records management and business communication.
Any students who plan to pursue their degrees online instead of in a traditional college campus will also be required to have consistent access to a computer, the Internet, a printer and either speakers or headphones. Most graduates will go on to work in offices within the retail, health care, business or legal fields.
Instead of spending time commuting to campus each day, paying for gas or paying for public transport, students can work from any convenient location, including their own home. With ten years of experience in blogging, social media and content management, she is a freelance writer and content marketing specialist for a diverse range of clients. That’s a great choice, because business is one of the most versatile and practical education options out there.
You may be surprised to learn that there is a difference between business administration and business management, both in terms of curriculum and the skills you learn. Its broad coverage of relevant topics is designed to prepare students for business situations of all kinds.
It is typical for students to then choose elective courses that prepare them for a specific career path.
Personnel operations are a main component of coursework, even though general business topics may also be covered.

With both degrees, as is the case with most industries, experience matters when it comes to upper-level jobs.
Earning an undergraduate business degree is a great way to get an interdisciplinary education for the modern business world. You’ll have a solid foundation of necessary business knowledge, combined with key managerial skills like problem-solving, plan development, managerial economics and more. Although there are a number of different office careers available at any given time, most hiring managers will request that their future employees have a minimum of an associate degree before they can be hired. Like any standard associate degree, the degree program in office management will be made up of roughly 60 credits.
Some of the most common job titles for graduates include that of legal secretary, administrative assistant, office manager, administrative services manager, business clerk or human resources trainer. Students pursuing their degrees online will also be allowed to adjust their course pace to better fit their schedule. However, just because you know you want to study business doesn’t mean the decision-making process is over. Business administration programs give you the chance to find an area of business that interests you. After graduation you may work in an entry-level business career regardless of whether your degree is in management or administration. It’s a must-have credential for students like you who are ready to make the most of their careers.
In addition to the required core classes, students will be able to choose their own electives to satisfy the general education requirement. Many students are able to balance family life, a full time job and their degree thanks to the online education option. There are several options when it comes to undergraduate business degrees, two of the most popular being the Bachelor of Business Management and the Bachelor of Business Administration.
Especially if you go back to school to earn a graduate degree such as an MBA, you can expect good job prospects throughout your career.

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