Our career-focused programs areA designed to help you competefor today'sa€”and tomorrow'sa€”jobs.
Apply now to get started at University of Maryland University College and get ready to register for fall classes. The curriculum of UMUC's MS in Management: Human Resource Management specialization is aligned to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) guidelines.
3 "Projections of Occupational Employment, 2014-24," Bureau of Labor Statistics, December, 2015. This list consists of the top business schools in the nation that ALSO value the need of the online student and have, therefore, carried over their highly reputable programs from the classroom to the benefits of online flexibility. Penn State was one of the first major accredited schools to offer online learning, back in 1998, and has done so with much success over the past decade. If Penn State World Campus sounds like the choice for you, please click here to learn more.
Kelley Direct is the name for Indiana University’s ONLINE Kelley School of Business and made Indiana University, actually, the first top-20 graduate school to offer an online version of their brick and mortar counterpart. Kelley Direct does require you to visit the Bloomington campus one week for each of your two years in the program. Kelley School of Business is the second leading producer of Chief Financial Officers in the nation!
There is absolutely no hurry with this online alternative, as you have from as little as 15 months to as great as five years to complete the 30-credit hour graduate degree.
One of the most affordable tuition rates for a top-level school, Kelley Direct tuition and fees are $1,270 per credit hour for the 2015-2016 academic year and $1,300 for the 2016-2017 academic year. UNC’s online MBA was made available in 2011 once the officials from the university were convinced that the traditional would be equal to the online portion, in regards to, quality of teaching and innovative technology. The Corporate Finance MBA concentration carries an emphasis on leadership development which will help students to progress with careers at privacy equity firms, venture capital companies, investment and commercial banks, as well to bring value with knowledge and expertise to be a leader in their field.

Offered since 1996, an online MBA in Finance from Southern New Hampshire University is designed to increase your marketability as an investment broker or a financial, project or security analyst. They are on a rolling basis for acceptance, so throughout the year, you may apply at any time and get your decision fast. According to their website, the 20-month MSF online program consists of 32 credits involving six core courses, three selective courses, a week long ON-SITE residency, in which you will work on case competitions alongside your fellow students and McDonough School of Business faculty, and a final Capstone Global Consulting project. Some leading college campuses still refuse to revert over to online courses because they feel that outside of the classroom the courses lose their intent as face to face discussions and discussion-based nature of the MBA curriculum are lacking BUT many have found this to be just the opposite. In other words, I will not repeat 5 times, for each school, that you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in business or an associated field or that you need to be interested in a career as a financial professional. Of course, as I said, not every high ranking program or school offers an online equivalent, so, rounding out our list is THE top ONLINE only programs that are held in just as high regards as they continuously rank very high on other publicly available lists for this particular degree program and may also be a more attainable, affordable option for you. They are world-renowned, highly reputable, well-respected and passionate about what they do.
You never have to worry about receiving a lessor level of education attending online, as their curriculum parallels their brick and mortar option.
In conclusion, you can rest assured that your diploma will carry as much weight as the diplomas received by those attending on campus as they are one and the same.
An online MS in Finance from Kelley Direct will plant the seeds to place you on the same track to achieve your goals and the strategic goals of your organization. If you are a working professional, this opportunity was now available to many looking to advance their careers yet also keep their jobs and current way of life. Learn about the different aspects of corporate finance and how to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. Take advantage of SNHU’s smaller classes, exceptional faculty, affordability, flexibility and award-winning curriculum.
At the time, this was the seventh consecutive year that SNHU has been honored by NHBR’s BOB award.

With its career-focused, rigorous studies, their innovative online learning program carries the ease of flexibility with the power of a Georgetown University education. The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program is more technically focused on finance than just obtaining a traditional MBA. They offer a dynamic learning management system designed to enhance your interactions with faculty and fellow students. Penn State’s online Master of Finance degree program uses a cohort model in which all students start the program at the same and can progress together through the courses. It consists of an intensive seven-day introduction to the program to kick off your education by building connections with others taking the same paths you are and learning about all of the opportunities ahead of you.
The Master of Science program consists of 30 credit hours and a dual degree consists of 63 credit hours.
Neither do I find it important to tell you what jobs you can get with a Master’s degree in Finance. This model allows you to work together with a team of other students, therefore, building relationships and gaining multiple perspectives. Students will attend weekly online classes but you may complete your coursework from anywhere. My goal here is to educate you in what makes each college or university that we’ve chosen unique and highlight areas that MAY make a difference for you in your quest to find the right school for you.
Their leadership and direction can help you prepare for the professional certification of Chartered Financial Analyst®.

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