Becker’s is pleased to offer professional development through ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), a nationally accredited online training provider.
Price* This symbol (price with asterisk) applies to a limited number of Becker’s products that are not subject to further discounts. Click here to view the child care training course catalog for a complete list of current online courses. Please note that the name on this order will be the person who is considered the administrator for this subscription. The 120 hours of CDA training meets the educational requirements of the National Child Development Associate Credential. Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC specializes in online training designed specifically for child care providers.
Upon completion of a class, certificates are immediately available online reflecting the class title, student name, hours of training, and date of completion.

Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC CDA Program may be used to fulfill the educational requirements of the CDA Credential as required by the Council for Professional Recognition. The online CDA renewal training meets the educational requirements to the renew National Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). CDA Payment Plan Online * Meets the training requirements to apply for a National Child Development Associate Credential. The CDA training program meets the educational requirements to apply for a National Child Development Associate Credential.
Our online education is one of the best and most comprehensive early childhood education programs available today, meeting the training needs of child care professionals across the country. This is the most manageable, accessible and cost-effective method for a center to provide its staff with training to meet annual licensing professional development needs. By using the worlds leading online learning platform, Moodle, we can offer training that fits in around work and family life so gaining new qualifications is as easy as possible.Education in a child's early years is vitally important and our online courses help early years practitioners become accomplished professionals ready to work in the sector.

Coursework is competency-based and each successfully completed clock hour awards 0.1 IACET Continuing Education Unit (CEU). With courses ranging from the full CACHE Early Years Educator courses, which give people the necessary foundation for a career, to CPD courses, aiding in more specific areas of a child's development means we accommodate for all who work, or which to work, for the benefit of children.Our use of Moodle sets us apart from other online training companies. All you need to get started is an email address, internet-accessible computer, printer and JavaScript enabled web browser.

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