Luckily, the field is wide open; you have endless choices of where you can go to achieve your educational goals.
Due to the job market being as picky and demanding as it is, many people are finding the need to go back to school and obtain a whole new set of skills.
Also, since the economy is such an issue, online schooling is an appetizing possibility, due to the sheer amount of money one can save.
Being on a traditional college campus is perfect for the traditional student: the young kid just out of high school. Also, don’t discount the benefits of meeting with your professor or study group, face-to-face. However, online schooling has its drawbacks, particularly since your’e behind a computer, away from people who could help you in a jam. Also, there are many hands-on professions, particularly in the medical field, that simply do not translate well online. Anyone who has gone to college before will tell you how incredibly expensive it is, and it’s not getting any cheaper. In addition, large universities and classes can cause many students to become lost in the shuffle.
Today’s world is extremely demanding, so it’s great that online colleges have become legitimate and accepted.
Programs Offered Online Browse our extensive online course and program offerings and find the ones you need.Programs Offered Online Is Online for You? Credit Programs Browse our extensive online course and program offerings and find the ones you need.
View online training partners and explore the list of classes and certification programs offered.
My book Machines are the easy part; people are the hard part is now available as a free download at Lulu. It's been decided that our district curriculum council will be making recommendations about the approach our district takes to online learning. What is our reason for providing online instruction and does it fit into our district-wide strategic plan? What does research say about the effectiveness of online learning?It is neither more or less effective than face-to-face instruction.
What resources are currently available to our teachers that can facilitate online learning?Mankato Schools currently provides a number of tools that can engage students in online learning opportunities, primarily in support of face-to-face instruction.
Moodle is an open-source learning management system designed to create fully online classes or to augment face-to-face classes (often called hybrid or blended classes).
Does the teacher contract address online learning - or does it need to?Past investigations into online learning via ITV have led to concern regarding teacher compensation for such classes. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. I really enjoyed your article, I am currently taking one of Penn States online classes for my major and I definitely have an opinion on it. Lauren Fairbanks is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor who has penned for AOL, Young Money, and Eating Well Magazine, among others. HP, the well-known computer manufacturer, recently launched an online learning center dedicated to baby boomers (and really, anyone else) who need a quick brush-up on computer basics.
The Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) is known for its high learning standards and rigorous courses.
Mango is a language program that you can access online through most public library systems.
Mango Languages has created its very own methodology called Intuitive Language Construction, to help you learn to speak a foreign language. Today, more than ever before, you need a college education to thrive, or even just to survive. That’s because, in addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar campuses out there, online classes are becoming more and more of a mainstream deal. Going to class in person, and doing it from the safety of your bedroom, are two completely different things. Of course, a lot of these people still have full-time jobs that they can’t just quit in favor of school. While tuition is just as pricey online as it is off, you can save on just about every other aspect of college life. The weather, which is usually the reason to cancel a campus class, has no hindrance on an online lecture. They likely have no children, no full-time job that they’re tied to, and can more easily uproot themselves and ship off to school for a few years. This is both an effective and immediate way to learn; for some, that personal interaction, and physically walking through a lesson with somebody, is the only way they are truly able to grasp the material.
Let’s face it; your home is filled with distractions, whether it be TV, or the Internet, or video games, or simply having your family around. You no longer have the ability to arrange a face-to-face interaction with your professor, particularly when extra help is needed, because there’s a good chance you’ve never even met the professor.

You can’t really learn how to draw blood or operate on a patient, for example, without physically practicing the lesson, with an experienced professor watching over you.
Yes, you’re at home, but you’re probably alone much of the day, with everyone else at work or elsewhere. The stereotypical oversized classroom, where several hundred students are seated in an auditorium, listening to a professor aimlessly lecture, is still a reality.
For those with jobs and children, being able to obtain a degree from your laptop, on your own time, is beyond convenient and liberating. Wake Tech offers more than 60 online and hybrid programs, including associate in arts, business, computer programming, criminal justice, early childhood education, and more.
We are pleased that you are considering Wake Tech as you plan for your education and career.Welcome! I've been both the perpetrator and victim of such experiences at the post-secondary level and because of our district's size, I've never seen the kind of need some of our smaller neighboring districts have for such classes. This study is observational, so researchers cannot prove that learning through an online class is better than learning in a traditional classroom setting.
As I mentioned previously, every student has their own personal preference on how they enjoy learning. This course focuses on grammar techniques and rules and I have found that I hated the course at the beginning because it was just another course that I had tests and homework in, but now I’m finding that teaching myself the material has been good for me. I love the topic since I have an online and hybrid class this semester that I am not to found of. There is certainly a learning curve and I found that for the first few weeks me and some others in the class were all experiencing difficulty and were frustrated because we could not contact anyone about it, or we tried and received no response. And sometimes a little brush-up is needed, whether it's to stay up-to-date on the current trends in your industry or to make yourself more attractive to potential employers. They offer classes on Adobe, Microsoft software and social media, along with a long listing of additional courses that will have any computer-illiterate coasting through Word documents and touching up photos within a few weeks.
And now those of us who didn't score a 2200 on our SATs can share the coursework of geniuses -- for free. Alternatively, you can take many of these classes at your local library or check out CDs to run on your computer. It’s getting harder and harder to build a career, and succeed in it, without at least an undergraduate degree to your name. For the longest time, going to college from behind your computer was seen as a gimmick and a waste of time.
One approach might spell utter disaster for you, while the other might bring out your inner Valedictorian. You don’t pay room and board, you don’t pay for a meal plan, you don’t have to pay random lab and TA fees, and e-textbooks are typically far cheaper than their hardcover brethren.
If you are not well-versed in self-discipline, learning from behind a computer can cause more harm than good. While you could feasibly e-mail them with any questions, it’s not the same as staying after class, or meeting them in their office and hashing out a problem you have with understanding the material. No students are around you, as they would be in a traditional classroom, and thus no true bonds or friendships are formed, as they would on a campus. Even smaller classrooms, with 30-40 students, find it difficult to properly devote the personal time and energy needed to help each student grow.
Any jobs you hope to get, to help pay for school, must revolve around class times, or else you’ll fall behind and possibly flunk out.
Still, there’s something to be said for physically going to school, meeting your professors, interacting with fellow students, expanding your social horizons, and generally living the life of a college student.
If you want to see what an online class looks like, check out this online class demonstration.
Classes include group interaction, instructor feedback, and independent learning – to engage students and accommodate all kinds of learning styles. And doing it right means identifying the "why" of online before getting to the "how." I do NOT want this to become a model for the "ready, fire, aim" approach I chide others of using.
Constituentencies Effected by Online LearningEach of the following groups have different reasons for wanting online learning,1. I feel as if I would not be motivated to teach myself the material and I think it would be difficult to remember due dates of exams and other assignments.
The actually of the situation was due to teacher error, she had family issues and neglected to inform anyone so for weeks nobody was grading the class properly. While many universities and colleges are now offering professional studies classes (classes designed for working adults), there's still a better (and cheaper) way: learning online. Languages are always a smart way to go, as the world is becoming increasingly multi-lingual, especially with a growing Spanish-speaking population in the US. Check out the pros and cons of each approach, and then decide for yourself which is best for you. So the flexibility that online schooling offers is perfect for much of today’s working populace. Since online lectures are typically pre-recorded, you can access it anytime of day, anywhere you are.

For quite a few kids, this is the first time they’ve been away from home, and their first real opportunity to experience life away from the nest. On a campus, however, you’ll to be in a classroom, without random distractions everywhere, and the professor right there, making sure the work gets done. If you need to physically practice with something, instead of merely reading about it, online classes will likely not work for you at all.
If finding such a job is impossible, then you might not be able to work and study at the same time, which is the only way many families can hope to afford to pay those exorbitant tuition bills. I understand that everyone’s minds work differently and some people enjoy taking online classes.
One group completed the traditional course while the other group completed a hybrid version. If you have never taken an online class before, Penn State has recently released an online survey that students can complete to figure out if they are ready to take an online class or not. I personally learn by doing and working in groups so I prefer the traditional feel rather than online when I tend to do everything last minute because it isn’t on my mind like the classes that I actually physically go to. But we received a new teacher and I have found that being forced to sit down and teach myself material has really improved my learning of the subject! Unless you absolutely need to a certificate or diploma in the end, these online courses are a great way to plump your resume and learn something new and interesting in 2011. Most courses come with a syllabus, calendar, readings and assignments, though they vary by professor. Today though, people have so much of their lives interwoven with the Internet, that it’s become next-to-impossible to dismiss anything completed that way. The ability to study and test around your own schedule fits their life far better than having to drive to a campus and be in a classroom at a set time, each and every day.
Living and going to class on campus introduces them to new people and experiences that they couldn’t possibly get if they simply stayed at home, and went to school from behind their laptop. I am in the middle of deciding if I should take an online class or not and I was actually surprised with the research that I found.
The hybrid version consisted of an online class with an in-class instruction once a week for an hour. If the students who were enrolled in the online class took their tests online they would have access to other resources to complete the test. My grades increased dramatically and now whenever I have questions the new instructor actually emails me back.
You go through the lessons on your own, but courses of this caliber, in interesting and relevant topics -- at zero tuition -- are nothing to turn up your nose at. Even if the teacher is not high quality, at least the students in both groups would be exposed to the same teaching style. Students in the traditional classroom would not be able to use any notes or online materials to help them with the test. I guess technical difficulty is still one of the major drawbacks to online learning, were this professor in a classroom I could have confronted her with my issues much earlier. We also offer career fairs, job posting services, and other resources to assist employers seeking full-time and part-time employees.We value our alumni and want you to stay connected to Wake Tech! School DistrictWe found that asking the why and what questions through the lens of each of these groups was very important.II. Also, the same teacher should travel from university to university and that one teacher should teach the two classes at each university that the study was completed at. Group projects were always my favorite because I got to work with my friends and have fun along the way. Read some of our success stories, and find out about our Alumni Affinity program, with special benefits and incentives created for you.
While not the most inspiring of topics a mistake here could cost a district as much as 15% of their student funding in Arizona. I like the fact that I can do the work whenever I want for these two classes but the problem is I don’t have the mind set to make myself sit down and do the work. As for teachers adding online courses to their plate, we are struggling with the idea that a teacher with a full course load can handle the addition of online courses.
My advisor told me that for the online class (Comm 160) sometimes students forget they are enrolled in it and do every lesson in one week at the end to catch up. There is a distinct conflict of interest.Also, across the profession it appears that online teachers typically are compensated less than their building bound associates.
The freedom of teaching from home or anywhere else has a tangible value to many that instruct online.

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