We are pleased to welcome all mature students at Loyalist College to our Mature Student Group to assist and support students throughout the academic year. In 2014-15, we will have a variety of programming available in partnership with the First Generation students and Mind and Wellness health promotion activities. We recognize that time to connect socially with fellow mature students is valued amongst MSG members.
As part of a practicum at the College as a mature students’ group facilitator, Social Service Worker student Sylvia Draaistra, initiated an event on December 1st with Chef John, a professor in the Culinary program.

Mature student group facilitator, Sylvia Draaistra, organized and participated in the mature student cooking class held at Club 213. Culinary program coordinator Chef John Schneeberger (L) invites the class participants to eat the food they have prepared during the cooking class. This group recognizes that mature students have unique needs and will provide a place for socialization, information and support to aid and enhance their experience here at Loyalist. Chef John taught students some basic cooking skills, enabling them to prepare inexpensive, simple and delicious recipes for their families.

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