I really enjoyed your article, I am currently taking one of Penn States online classes for my major and I definitely have an opinion on it.
Save yourself some time and money and take an official American Heart Association CPR class and then you will receive the official AHA card.
Learning from a Distance with Online ClassesDistance learning is an excellent option for today’s busy CNA students. How to Become a CNA OnlineThe process of becoming a CNA with online classes is not much different from the traditional route of going to a campus or training center near you. Pre-Certification StepsStep 1) Evaluate Yourself (Self Awareness)Online learning is an excellent option for millions of students today, but not everyone is cut out for this unique style of learning. While online learning is a great boon for very busy students, this is not to say that it is right for everyone. Step 2) Find a Training Program OnlineFinding an excellent training program online is not as easy as just picking the first search engine result. The most important option to look for in an online school is that it is accepted by the student’s state for CNA certification. Step 3) Take your Course OnlineOnline CNA courses have similar formats to traditional CNA courses in that they cover the same subjects and have many of the same assignments. Step 4) Register for State Competency ExamAfter completing a training program, CNA students must apply to take their state’s competency examination. Post-Certification StepsStep 1) Submit Application for Nurses Aide RegistryAfter passing the state’s competency examination, a student should apply to be placed on his or her state’s nurse aide registry. Step 2) Maintain an Active CNA CertificationMost states allow CNAs to check the status of their licenses online. Optional) Transferring your CNA Certification Out-of-StateMost states practice reciprocity or endorsement, which allows CNAs to transfer their licenses into a new state should they move.
Optional) Options for Continuing EducationIndividuals who have the nursing skills as well as the interpersonal skills to be a CNA may find that they want to continue their careers in the health care field. Individuals must evaluate themselves to determine if they possess the right characteristics to make online learning successful for them.
Pros & Cons of Learning OnlineAn online CNA course will give students the same information and number of hours of training as a traditional CNA class would. To learn well, online students will need to be motivated to do the reading and homework assignments on their own.
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The one thing you will love about making your own natural bath and body products is the fact that you can customize it.  You will be able to use quality ingredients that you trust because you know the source. For this course you will learn and have the practical skills necessary for making your own bath and body products plus the correct dilutions amounts when using essential oils. If you would like to have a private class or have questions or comments please use the contact us page. This study is observational, so researchers cannot prove that learning through an online class is better than learning in a traditional classroom setting. As I mentioned previously, every student has their own personal preference on how they enjoy learning. This course focuses on grammar techniques and rules and I have found that I hated the course at the beginning because it was just another course that I had tests and homework in, but now I’m finding that teaching myself the material has been good for me.
I love the topic since I have an online and hybrid class this semester that I am not to found of.
There is certainly a learning curve and I found that for the first few weeks me and some others in the class were all experiencing difficulty and were frustrated because we could not contact anyone about it, or we tried and received no response. Each week, I have students in my CPR courses who took one of those online CPR classes and received a certification card that is not accepted at their workplace. While going to a community college may be a good choice for certain types of students, over 5.5 million students have discovered that online learning helps them fit higher education into their busy lifestyles.
It gives them options to chat with instructors and other students and to study at the best time of day for them.
Choosing to believe in yourself and move forward with an online class is a huge accomplishment in itself, and we’d like to help make the rest of your journey to becoming a CNA as smooth as possible. Potential students must evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to determine if this is a type of learning that they should pursue or if they would function better in a traditional classroom setting. They will need to schedule time every week to read the assigned material, work on assignments and papers and complete assigned lectures.
Some people just learn better in a traditional classroom where they can hear a lecture, ask questions and get immediate answers and not have to worry about computer skills.

Rather, students should research potential online colleges to determine if they will be a good fit. For example, in both types of classes, students will learn about human anatomy, residents’ rights, infection control, vital signs, and nutrition. Students will have access to quizzes and tests when they get through a certain amount of material, and they will also have access to lectures. The knowledge section tests CNA theory and is usually performed with pencil and paper or on a computer. It is vital to have an active license in good standing with the state to keep working in licensed facilities. Some states allow CNAs to remain active as long as they work a certain number of hours in two years.
A CNA is an excellent stepping-stone to numerous other careers, such as licensed practical nurse, registered nurse or medical assistant. While online classes give people the freedom to live life on their own timetables, these same classes may be a waste of time and money for those who learn better through live lectures and hands-on learning. They will need to study regularly for quizzes and examinations and will need to ask questions they have on the provided virtual bulletin boards or forums. Synchronous classes are used quite often and have live classes streamed online at particular times.
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I feel as if I would not be motivated to teach myself the material and I think it would be difficult to remember due dates of exams and other assignments. The actually of the situation was due to teacher error, she had family issues and neglected to inform anyone so for weeks nobody was grading the class properly. The reason these online CPR classes are not accepted is because there is no practice on manikins. Many potential students may already be holding down a job or may be stay-at-home moms who are looking for ways to learn at odd hours of the day and night. In addition, online CNA students will still have plenty of time to practice skills because online courses help with setting up hands-on training hours in a student’s local health care facility.
We’ve provided a step-by-step process, pre-certification, and post-certification to help aide you.
While all students will have to perform a certain number of hands-on clinical hours, online students may have to find their own health care facilities for this task although some online schools help with this.
However, those who take the test as soon as possible following training often have the highest passage rates. The skills section requires students to demonstrate several skills in front of a nurse aide evaluator.
All applicants will be required to submit to a criminal background check, and no CNA will be allowed to recertify if they are on the state’s abuse registry for patient neglect or maltreatment. In fact, most states require employers to check license verification online before hiring a CNA.
CNAs should have active licenses that are in good standing with no complaints of patient abuse or neglect. Many CNAs find that they can use their CNA training credits to count for part of their further education and may find that it only takes a year or less to become a licensed practical nurse rather than two years. Students should take the 10 question self-assessment quiz below before considering a class online.
They will most likely need to sign in to a class a certain number of times per week and post on online forums. On the other hand, asynchronous classes that use mainly nursing textbooks and online bulletin boards for learning may work better for others. Whether you sell it or just make it for your family it will prove to be just as good if not better than what you can buy in your local store. I understand that everyone’s minds work differently and some people enjoy taking online classes.
One group completed the traditional course while the other group completed a hybrid version. If you have never taken an online class before, Penn State has recently released an online survey that students can complete to figure out if they are ready to take an online class or not. I personally learn by doing and working in groups so I prefer the traditional feel rather than online when I tend to do everything last minute because it isn’t on my mind like the classes that I actually physically go to. But we received a new teacher and I have found that being forced to sit down and teach myself material has really improved my learning of the subject!

Not only is this a requirement of many states but also it ensures that the school or course meets certain criteria, such as high academic standards or the number of credit hours. Both types of classes are aimed at giving students the background and knowledge they will need to pass the state’s competency evaluation and become a beginning CNA. To renew, CNAs normally have to work a certain number of hours and may need to have 24 hours of in-services or continuing education every two years.
They may also need to have worked a certain number of hours in the past two years or may need to prove that they completed a training program and competency examination in their previous state that matched the requirements of their new state. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.
Many online schools offer these educational choices for students who want the time and freedom to take classes when it suits them. They may also need to log a certain number of study hours to progress with the rest of the class. I am in the middle of deciding if I should take an online class or not and I was actually surprised with the research that I found.
The hybrid version consisted of an online class with an in-class instruction once a week for an hour. If the students who were enrolled in the online class took their tests online they would have access to other resources to complete the test. My grades increased dramatically and now whenever I have questions the new instructor actually emails me back.
Students should have the necessary skills to send emails, log on to online classes, work online video players, use chat functions and write documents using Word software. In addition, online institutions should give students the correct number of hours of hands-on practice in a local health care facility.
The classroom lectures are designed to give students the theory they need to pass the written portion of the test while the clinical hours are designed to help students pass the skills examination. The process requires filling out an application, sending in proof of completing a state-approved CNA training program and sending in the passing competency examination score.
The state’s requiring renewal usually send out renewal reminders in the mail for online or paper renewals. CNAs who do not meet these requirements may have to retake the competency test and may occasionally need to attend another training program.
In addition, individuals should remember that most of these alternate careers have much higher salaries and better benefits than CNAs have. This depends on the institution and the teacher, but students can expect to use YouTube to view prerecorded lectures or Skype to chat with teachers or fellow students. Even if the teacher is not high quality, at least the students in both groups would be exposed to the same teaching style. Students in the traditional classroom would not be able to use any notes or online materials to help them with the test. I guess technical difficulty is still one of the major drawbacks to online learning, were this professor in a classroom I could have confronted her with my issues much earlier. Students can also look up online reviews of the school to see how former students felt about the classes, teachers, and format. Most states allow students to take each section a total of three times before requiring them to retrain. In many states, this process is free while others require a small fee, such as $25, to process the application. Also, the same teacher should travel from university to university and that one teacher should teach the two classes at each university that the study was completed at. Group projects were always my favorite because I got to work with my friends and have fun along the way.
Passage rates depend on the school, and most schools post their passage rates on their Websites.
I like the fact that I can do the work whenever I want for these two classes but the problem is I don’t have the mind set to make myself sit down and do the work. My advisor told me that for the online class (Comm 160) sometimes students forget they are enrolled in it and do every lesson in one week at the end to catch up.

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