Phil Jackson, considered by many to be the greatest basketball coach of all-time, was the brainchild behind one of the most dominant offenses in NBA history, engineering his teams to 11 championships over the last 20 years. This offense is the famed Triangle offense, and it has long been heralded as an offense that allows for a wealth of options at every turn, as well as providing fantastic spacing, putting everyone on the floor in a position to score. The great part about the Triangle is that every team can run it differently, and it can allow you to hide your weaknesses and play up your strengths. There are several ways to enter the offense, all ending up with a triangle between the strong side wing and post players, and a player who has just stepped into the ball side corner.
In this first entry, your point guard will pass the ball to the wing, and run through to the corner. Here the point guard will again pass the ball to the wing, but instead of him filling into the corner, the power forward will come in from the weak side.
While this is probably my least favourite entry, as it does not encourage very much movement, it is useful for any situation where the wing player is being heavily denied. Simply have the point guard dribble down to the wing, sliding the wing player into the corner. The entries are just the first step to the Triangle offense and the wealth of opportunity that it can provide for you and your team.
Check back on Friday, August 5th, when I will break down how to get the pick and roll, two man game, and much more with just one more pass!

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Pretty cool stuff, I’ve always wanted to learn just exactly how the triangle offense works, looking forward to the next article! In diesem Blogbeitrag zeige ich euch 5 Po Ubungen fur Zuhause mit dem Ihr dem Ziel, einen knackigen Po zu bekommen, einen gro?en Schritt naher kommt. Nachdem im letzten Home Gym Blogbeitrag Danny sein Heimstudio vorgestellt hat, zeigt uns heute Sascha wie er sein Homegym eingerichtet hat. Wie bereits angekundigt werden in Zukunft haufiger Home Gym Berichte erscheinen in denen Tipps zur Planung und Einrichtung von Home Gyms gegeben werden.
The power forward will be lined up on the other side of the court, standing about halfway between the wing and the block, and your center will be lined up on the ball side block. Your other guard will slide over, closer to the ball, and everyone else will remain in the same position. Ein schoner Po gehort zu den haufigsten Grunden warum sich Frauen in Fitnessstudios anmelden.
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