Online IT Guru believes in offering standard training that is constantly updated and adapted according to the global scenario.
We take up the responsibility of motivating and preparing the work force to keep pace with ever changing industry needs. With our pioneering corporate training programs we offer our clients customised training solutions to meet their specific business needs. Online IT Guru is able to vary individual training requirements to an informal and comfortable working environment, either on our client’s premises or at one of our training rooms in Hyderabad and various other cities. Our training programs are upgraded frequently to meet the ever changing standards of the Industry. Our faculty is highly experienced in the respective software and helps the trainees in the best possible manner.
Online IT Guru has really expert trainers who are really workable in explaining the concepts in detail and in practical.
The real time scenarios and application handling by the Oracle faculty is really impressive.
In the current scenario of global competition, organizations have realized the role of ‘soft skills training’ in development and growth of their business.
Today, most of the organizations have identified ‘soft skills training’ and integrated the same while imparting training to their employees which in turn generates a higher degree of loyalty and employee retention. Training in the areas such as Communication skills, Email etiquette, telephone etiquette, listening skills transform the employees and inculcate an attitude that is required to represent the organization to the global business world. Let’s Talk Institute focuses on training and development with a holistic approach and customizes training programs as per our client’s requirement. At we provide the training needs of our customers who look to us to provide a range of services and solutions for their training needs on demand basis.
Charting an online training course is a very tricky challenge because making mistakes can turn out to be costly.

The main attraction of an online training cost is that it saves time and money for those involved. Text-heavy modules are quite boring for the employees and they would not find these courses interesting at all. It is imperative that the knowledge acquired through online training is used successfully on their job as well. As said earlier, too much information would be like cognitive overload, the information will not be properly received. Planning an online training session takes a lot of time and effort, but when done in a successful way it would bring in more learners and successful employees.
Our mission is to enable organisations to increase productivity and performance through their people.
We empower them to use imagination , Develop creative solutions, remain flexible and motivate others to turn their ideas into results that make a difference to business. With features like hands-on instructor led and online training, post training support, exhaustive curriculum Online IT Guru is among the most sought after training firms. To enhance  professionalism among employees and represent the brand effectively in the market, ‘soft skills training’ has been identified as the key factor.
Our online Training corporate training programs combine the latest theory and technological developments with practical interactive delivery style. It is a fact that you might come across several obstacles while planning a training module because there would be deadlines and sometimes overabundance of materials that would have to be compartmentalized and converted into meaningful chapters before they are shared with the learners. The learners no longer have to travel long distance to participate in conferences and seminars when they can do the same at home or in the office. The e-learning course must be designed in such a way that only crisp information is conveyed.
The key pieces of information will be missed out rendering the whole session to be ineffective.

So while designing a module, it is important to include plenty of exercises that would bring the whole team together. So include an assessment session where the learners can understand how much they have learned, and whether the training plan has been successful in educating them. We design , develop and deliver innovative learning solutions that are apt and timely for the work force. If you are a beginner in the online corporate training field, then have a look at the mistakes you are likely to make and the steps to avoid them.
So when you are planning a module for the course, ensure that it is directly linked with the company’s goals. Those who would like to elaborate on a particular point can click on the respective link that would lead them to another page.
If there are no real life scenarios, then the learners may fail to understand how to use this knowledge in the real world. Include instant messaging, message boards and social media discussions in the training modules so the learners can benefit from interacting with each other. There is no point in creating content that has already been passed around a thousand times. This would help the learners to concentrate on the information they are not familiar with, and brush up on the ones they are familiar with.
The technical side of creating valuable and unique content is a challenge easily handled by the professionals at Ofabee.

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