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I’ve experienced a “bad”, life-jumbling change in the past 3 and a half months, my mother passed away and my life has never been the same ever since.
I don’t want to sit here and give you all a list of cliches but considering the fact that my mom passed away so soon taught me a lot of things; I started viewing life from a new perspective.
You can always make yourself feel better by thinking that some people have it worse but that doesn’t mean that what you’re going through isn’t any less important.
I know that whatever I say in this tiny comment box might not make you feel any better, I can not imagine how it feels like but i have too lost someone i really cherished and it truley does change you bs its like what you said thats life and we can only choice how we react to it. Your thoughts are very mature mashallah , your mother -peace be upon her – ofcourse was proud of you ! MaSha’Allah Roudha, you really are a strong women with an admirable way of expressing yourself. I had a family member who also had cancer, it aches to see them leave this world but it aches more to see them suffer even more. Here, you can learn English in a very convenient manner without having to pay a single penny.
The whole online course is divided into sections English Speaking Basics, Travel English Lessons, Business English Lessons, Regular English Lessons, Interview English Lessons, Special Topics, Idioms and Phrases, and Full Lesson Index. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection and you will be all set for learning to speak English properly and with correct accent.
According to me, change is when you are put in a situation you’ve never been put in before; when you’re talked to in a way you’ve never heard before, when you wear different shoes, a different bag and so on. You know how they always say “things get better” or “time heals”, well, based on what I’ve experienced let me tell you that those sayings are a bunch of lies.

This change made me realize things that I never did before, all cliches started making sense.
Tell me, if the person you hold on to the closest for all of your years; died; what would you do? My mind wants her here to be happy, it wants to make my tongue say things; to let her know how much I loved and adored her, how much I appreciated every tiny thing she did to me from day 1. Incidents are relived sometimes, deja vu kicks in when you least expect it and you start to think and think some more the older you get. I’m still adapting and by the time that I do, I know the circumstances will change once again because nothing stays the same. I am very sorry for your lose, your mother raised a very great person and im sure shes proud. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, may Allah rest her soul and grant her and all your family the heavens.
The interface of TalkEnglish free online English speaking course is supported in many different languages (Spanish, German – Deutsch, French, Filipino, Italian, Persian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Czech, Hebrew, Romanian, Vietnamese, Polish, Japanese, and Arabic). Nearly everyone I know detests change; they don’t like not knowing what’s coming ahead, personally, neither do I. The truth is, it never gets better and our optimistic selves try to make it better for ourselves by lying and saying things to get better.
If you love someone let them know because you never know if you’ll see this person again, part ways on good terms even if you think you’ll see this person the next day. Remember this though, God works in mysterious ways, you just need to have a little bit of faith.
To set your preferred language use the dropdown list placed to the top right section of the interface. Here, you hear, understand, and  learns on auto-pilot mode.  All you need is to go to the lesson, navigate to a sub section and start listening sentences by clicking on hyperlinked text.
Trust me, nothing in life is guaranteed, my mother had cancer and I knew that she wouldn’t last for long because I saw how much she suffered in the past two years but I remained positive and thought, whatever God has planned will happen and just prayed that she stays okay. I’m talking about death, gone, there’s nothing left in the world of them but their clothes and belongings.
But this is life, there’s life and death and as we all know or maybe some don’t, the only thing guaranteed in life is death, that’s it.

This is all a part of the plan that God planned for you to live, he knows best and you’re always given choices.
Because human beings are curious creatures, we crave to know the unknown, we want to know the future and what it has up its sleeves for us but that’s something beyond our control.
We know the facts; we know the truth yet find the lies very soothing because they unconsciously ease our pain.
I didn’t lose hope for her until I stood next to her and saw her breathe in her last whiff of oxygen. No matter what happens to you, you always have the choice; stay knocked down or overcome it and move on.
As per my view it is a nice idea to attempt driving a car than restricting yourself to the reference-manual. I hate what I’m going through and I really do hope for the day that things get better because that’s all I can do now; pray to God and wish for the best. With every step that we take, we keep getting stronger, we nurture and understand, visualize and comprehend, interpret and act based on what we witness.
If the circumstances that you live in remain unchanged, it doesn’t matter because you grow up, you age. I stood and watched the person that I love, treasure and value the most pass away, that is when I lost a part of my sanity. I stood there helpless just staring at her, her soul may have left her body but I looked down at what was left of her. I bid the weak, fragile, worn-out remains farewell by planting a kiss on her forehead and holding her close to me one last time because given the situation that I was put in, that was all that I could’ve done. You strengthen your faith in God and wait; you pray and wait because patience is key and God always asked us to remain patient no matter what kind of hardships we undergo. It’s a huge process and a very long of list of changes that you have to cope and “adapt” to.

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