Site Selection is the first step and arguably the most important part of the green building process. Most credits in ALL LEED categories are aimed to indirectly reduce the need forA electricity.
MR deals with two items, reducing WASTE which is sent to landfills and Reducing the environmental impact of a building's materials. IEQ is a large section in LEED and addresses the environment INSIDE a building and how it affects the occupants inside.
This section of LEED awards points for inventive, sustainable and green building strategies which are beyond the scope of the LEED Rating System and not properly rewarded.

Welcome to the South Florida Chapter of the USGBC—a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to educating and promoting the benefits of sustainable, energy efficient buildings.
This session explores two LEED credit categories, Water Efficiency and Innovation in Design, in a credit-by-credit format, reviewing the overall category intents and the individual intents of the prerequisites and credits within it. Learn the technical requirements of the credits and, through real-world case examples shared by USGBC LEED Faculty, strategies that work to achieve them. This session explores the LEED Sustainable Sites category in a credit-by-credit format, reviewing the overall category intent and the individual intents of the prerequisites and credits within it. Its simple, the potentialA environmentalA effects of the project, depends on where you plan to build it.

As the global population increases, so does the demand for water to be used in human and industrial processes.
LEED awards the location you've chosen based on items ranging from proximity to PUBLIC Transit to bike storage and showers. Points are awarded for materials reuse, recyclying, renewable materials and maintaining a building already on the proposed site.

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