We have some of the most popular classes at the university and because of student demand, we continue to give more options. The Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) offers health and fitness activity classes to every Texas A&M student. Students take a wide range of KINE 199 courses, including aerobic running, archery, badminton, bowling, dancing (country and western, ballroom, or tap) weight training, fencing, soccer, golf, gymnastics, handball, mountain biking, Pilates, self-defense, volleyball and yoga.

PEAP also offers KINE 198 courses that combine health-related lectures with physical activity.
The goal of this program is to help students develop a lifetime appreciation and commitment to physical activity so that they can live healthy lives. Our KINE 120 (one hour course) and KINE 223 (three hour course) gives students an appreciation for the fundamentals of science and exercise while making class fun!

The credit hours, combined with other graduate and undergraduate work and student fees generated from the PEAP division is one the main reasons that the HLKN is one of the largest program in terms of credit hours at Texas A&M as well as financially stable.

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