Our list of the Top 10 Online Doctoral Programs in Psychology is a broad ranking which takes into account accreditation and general reputation. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers online doctorates in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Business Psychology, International Psychology, and Educational Psychology and Technology. Meridian University offers online doctorates in Psychology (PhD) and in Clinical Psychology (PsyD). Saybrook University offers online doctorates in Psychology (PhD) and in Clinical Psychology (PsyD). University of West Georgia Tanner Health System School of Nursing ranked 41st in the nation for "Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs" (U.S. The program will be offered 100 percent online and will include a total of 60 semester hours. University of West Georgia monitors regulations governing online education at the state and federal level. Prospective students that reside outside the state of Georgia who are considering a professional program (nursing, education, social work, counseling, allied health professions, veterinary medicine) should contact the appropriate Board in their state of residency prior to beginning a course of study. News and World Report, The National Center for Education Statistics, and The Guide to Online Schools. The PsyD program consists of four years of course work and the program meets the requirements for the California State Psychologist license.
At the beginning of the program, the student is helped in determining their dissertation topic so they are expected to begin working on it as soon as they can in the program.
The program boasts a number of specializations including Addictions, Gender Diversity, General Psychology, Gerontology, Health Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Mental Health Policy and Practice, and Trauma and Disaster Relief.
The program offers a diverse set of specializations including Business Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies, Educational Leadership, Health and Wellness Psychology, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Mental Health Administration, Non-Profit Management, Organizational Leadership, and Sport and Performance Psychology. In the General Psychology degree program, there are a number of emphases including Cognition and Instruction, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Integrating Technology, Learning and Psychology, and Performance Psychology. A mandatory three-day, on-site orientation seminar will introduce learners to key components of the doctorate program. Written and oral exams, a clinical case study and 60 hours of personal therapy are required for completion of the program.

The Clinical Psychology degree looks to combine the academic rigor of the Psychology program with a view to clinical practice and counselling. The PhD program has a number of specializations including Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology.
Courses include Health Care Policy, Psychology of Personality, Adolescent Psychology, Current Issues in Gerontology, among others. The program offers bi-annual in-person seminars with the rest of the program happening online. The program is incredibly flexible, with weekly starts for classes as well as one-to-one mentoring with professors guaranteed to have a PhD.
The program is 68 credits and a dissertation along with some in-residence course requirements.
Grand Canyon University is a for-profit Christian University with tuition being $640 per credit hour. The Tanner Health System School of Nursing and the College of Education have collaborated to develop a joint curriculum taught by both Tanner Health System School of Nursing faculty and College of Education faculty.
Through structured activities and facilitator-guided dialogue, learners will gain an understanding of the doctorate program goals, structure, and culture. In the place of a dissertation, the PsyD program culminates in one of the following: a community-based action-research project, a critical analysis of the literature in a field of study, or a clinical application and analysis.
The International Psychology degree was the first of its kind in the nation, preparing graduates for work in multinational organizations. Like Meridian University, Saybrook bases tuition on a yearly total rather than on a per credit price, coming in at $23,588 per academic year. The program boasts three concentrations: Consciousness and Creativity Studies, Philosophy and Cognitive Neurosciences, and Research Methods in Psychology. Northcentral University is a for-profit institution with tuition being $1035 per credit unit. University of the Rockies is a for-profit institution, and tuition is $1082 per credit unit.
Competencies will include the knowledge and skills in theoretical and analytic approaches to the discovery and application of knowledge in nursing education.

Students will develop strategies for successfully engaging in doctorate learning and building an effective doctorate community. In addition, practicums or clinicals may be conducted in any state other than Utah, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. With many emphases being offered at various institutions, it may be difficult to find a degree that suits a students’ purposes.
California Southern University is a non-profit institution and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College and University Commission. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission. Saybrook University if accredited by the Senior Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Northcentral University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission.
University of the Rockies is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. The core competences will reflect the Core Competencies of Nurse Educators by the National League for Nursing (2005). This list provides a list based on reputation that we hope will help guide decisions in picking a top tier school. Tuition at Meridian is based on yearly enrollment rather than per credit basis and comes in at $15,300 annually. No such programs exist in Georgia and only a few exist in the nation including Teachers College at Columbia University and University of Alabama. Communication between the professor and students will be promoted within the university’s course management system.

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