When online doctorate degrees were first offered on the Internet, many individuals wondered if they were legitimate and comparative to a traditional university. Many individuals that are eager to go to the next level in their field of study take advantage of online doctorate degrees.
Usually, online doctorate degrees can be obtained in as little as three years, or as long as a decade to fully complete. When the program requires classroom time, the size of the class is often significantly smaller than a traditional undergraduate program. There are specific rankings of online programs that list the most popular and respected online degrees.
With available government reports and statistics, resources can help the student when considering the authenticity of online doctorate degrees. University of the Cumberlands offers a variety of graduate programs and online graduate programs. We prepare professional educators to make valuable, cutting-edge contributions in a variety of academic leadership roles and settings.
Eighteen hours of graduate coursework are earned beyond the Master’s degree in one or more of the following specialty areas: business, counseling, education, English, history, math, psychology, or religion.
Our accredited online programs are designed to accommodate adult learners who want to advance their education without compromising quality. The online PhD in Educational Leadership programs, online doctorate in education degree, will enhance educators or scholars’ knowledge and skills for managing and improving complex higher educational organizations in the areas of policy budgeting, teacher management and educational administration. The online doctoral students may specialize in Post Secondary Administration, Community College Administration, Human Resource Development, Educational Administration, Special Education Leadership, Education Policy, or other related educational areas. Below is list of some core and specialized courses of doctorate in educational leadership online programs. There are a number of accredited universities in USA offering online PhD education programs, EdD degrees or Doctorate degrees in educational leadership programs.

View more details in particular doctorate in educational leadership programs and accreditation from the university’s websites. Search details of online education accreditation for an educational leadership or school you select. The mainly university offering Online PhD in Educational Leadership, offer financial aid options, covering Federal Financial Aid Plan, Federal or State Direct Loans, student loans, private loans, fellowships, scholarships or grants with specific conditions. Graduated students with online doctorate in educational leadership programs pursue career in consulting firm, corporation, local and federal government, four-year colleges, university and nonprofit organization. Career positions for graduated educational leadership doctorate students may be in student services, higher education administration, enrollment management, academic support leadership.
Below is list of average salary in USA 2013 for people with doctorate degree in educational leadership.
Find more details of the Online PhD in Education Programs or related information cover doctorate educational leadership, Ed.D. We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of colleges, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, jobs and employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes.
However, it was not long after that the acceptance and legitimacy of obtaining a doctorate degree online became highly popular and a valuable alternative to attending a local college.
This is often dependent on the field of study the student chooses along with the amount of time they can commit to studies every semester. Each school is chosen on a ranking scale using crucial factors including accreditation, the program’s quality and any unique feature that allows the program to stand out from its competition.
These useful factors allow the student to compare online programs along with their unique features and curriculum. Through research, professional activity, public service and implementation of curriculum in our online doctorate in education programs, our faculty is committed to providing degree candidates the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge and understanding of educational theory, extend their mastery of research and its application to strategic problem-solving, and strengthen their commitment to professional service and ethical decision-making. This component is intended to build upon the core knowledge base, and allows candidates to further explore their interests and career objectives through cross disciplinary study.

Our online programs offer the same curriculum as on-campus equivalents, but are flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule. The study costs are the estimated average costs over the duration of the doctorate programs. See financial aid plan for higher education doctorate students in each university websites. The salary may be vary in different cities in the United States and may be increased annually. Both professional and research doctorate degrees are available through distant education programs. Some students choose to blend their classroom time with their field experience and online work as a comprehensive alternative to doing each separately. Like a traditional college or university, online doctorate degrees require a dissertation after final exams to achieve a doctorate or PhD in the specific field. The 42-hour core consisting of the administrative leadership and research curriculum must be completed at the University of the Cumberlands. These costs can vary based on schools or universities, transferred credits, and the number of credits for concentration. This will allow the student to find the ideal program that will specifically meet their professional and academic needs. Other degree programs require the student to spend part of their time attending an actual classroom or performing fieldwork as a way to complete their study.

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