University of Phoenix: University of Phoenix is a leading university offering web-based education. Now you can earn that elementary education degree online you've been wanting—from the comfort of your own home. If you are thinking about getting a teaching degree, you should consider finding top elementary education degree online programs. However, your online college or university will monitor your progress via online faculty advisor as it applies throughout your coursework. Some universities offer an elementary education degree online that is structured a bit differently.
As an online degree student, you will have access to all of the same resources, professors and high-quality class materials that traditional students have.
However, before beginning any elementary education degree online, make sure to check with your state Department of Education to confirm that your school meets its teacher certification requirements. An elementary school teacher shares his daily schedule so you will know what to expect in your teaching career. Learn how reading specialists open up worlds of imagination, creativity and learning for their students. Our elementary education career and degree guide answers all of your teacher education questions. Lori Katz knows that some of the benefits of an elementary teaching career come in unexpected places. Learn about life in an elementary education program from a passionate early childhood education student. Learn about becoming an elementary teacher and find elementary education school programs to help prep for your career. Now you can find top online elementary education degrees to get the teacher training you need.

If you’re thinking of working as an elementary school teacher, find out how to excel in the classroom. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed. An online program to obtain a bachelor’s degree in special education qualifies you to teach preschool and K-12 students with special needs. The curriculum for this degree includes classes on evaluation practices and the foundations of teaching and special education.
You learn about child development, special education methods, and learning disabilities as well as how to assess and evaluate the progress of students.
Special education teachers work primarily with children with mild to moderate disabilities. In addition to working directly with students, special education teachers also spend time making suggestions to parents, designing curricula, and grading student work. As more and more institutions offer online programs, it is becoming a lot easier to find the right online elementary education program for you. All bachelor-level elementary education degrees online require some hands-on classroom experience for graduation, so at some point you will need to work on-site as a student teacher at a nearby elementary school as a part of your online degree program.
Master’s and doctoral degree program requirements vary depending on the program, so ask your school of interest how much in-person work will be required.
Unlike traditional on-campus programs, most online degree programs can be completed at your own pace, one class at a time. And, with the flexibility to take multiple classes at once or to take one class at a time, your busy home-life doesn’t have to deter you from getting the education you want. For example, Grand Canyon University’s online education program is set up as a cohort learning experience where your online classes are scheduled in step with a full group of students. Earning this type of elementary education degree online will take a specified amount of time.

In order to become a certified teacher, each state has specific requirements prospective teachers must meet, regardless of the program they complete. And you will be directed through a curriculum very similar, if not identical, to the on-campus programs offered at traditional institutions. For more information on typical degree requirements, see our elementary education program curriculum article.
Often these programs require you to teach in classrooms, so the coursework may not take place exclusively online.
Some programs offer specializations in areas like autism, hearing and vision issues, and behavior disorders. Of course, many classes have to be taken in a certain order because of prerequisite requirements, but they can be taken as fast or as slowly as your schedule allows. All accredited online education degree programs, like their on-campus counterparts, focus on meeting those requirements for certification.
The bachelor’s degree usually take four years to complete but more schools are now requiring five years or four years plus some graduate classes.
The teachers specialize in using techniques that help students with special needs learn and develop. Each of their students receives a unique Individualized Education Plan (or IEP) that is created to meet specific needs.

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