Add this service to a live personal training package or a 30 Minute To Fit package and receive it for 50.00 for 4 weeks. Competition PrepThe Fitness Connection provides you with the neccessary tools you need to succeed. Love Lauryn and Roseanne and their motivation for all of their clients and dedication to their community! Thank you for a great workout today!Rosanne Kaznowski & Lauryn Nicolette Kaznowski at The Fitness Connection.

Each class is designed to challenge you, but you will always have an option to modify an exercise to reduce the intensity.
If you are looking for an online fitness program that is guaranteed to work…Then check out my online fitness program below.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The staff at The Fitness Connection have an extensive knowledge of working out and contest preparation.

The Fitness Connection does not believe in starvation diets or depriving the body of nutrients while on show prep. Competition prep should be an enjoyable experience as you work toward your goal of stepping on stage.

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