Our 1-on-1 classes bring you all the benefits of being the only student-learner with a professional USA teacher.
We offer a unique learning environment for online English classes, one that works on almost every device: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.
Class To You offers an exclusive online English course for learners of all ages, located anywhere in the world.
You can attend English classes online via your iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, or Android devices as you want to!

As you are the only student in you exclusive class in English, you get ample attention, supervision, and guidance from your USA teacher. We know how every learner is unique; and so we come up with a customized and personalized online English course for our every student. Each class is (at least) 45-minutes long, which we have found to be the perfect amount of class time. No need to wait for your teacher to answer your questions and clarifications– you get it right away.

We also talk to you about your specific goals in learning English and we tailor your English class to achieve your purposes.
No need to worry about skipping classes you paid for running late– you attend your class to learn English at your preferred time.

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