When you work for yourself and are continually pitching, proposing, bidding and, finally, writing, it can seem that there’s never enough time to dedicate to ongoing professional development.
Maybe, like me, you’re a writer who loves to learn and then loves to pass on that newfound information to others. If you need more motivation than simple self-improvement, take into account the idea that clients may present themselves to you as a result of your attendance of a class. Not all courses have to be taken in person and, in fact, some of the best available are online through services like Coursera, who I adore. Aside from Coursera, I also spend time studying the modules available through Medscape.Students, which may be available to those of you who are or were students of medicine recently.
Last year I signed up to the Khan Academy and, briefly, became rather obsessed with working out algebra problems. If you’re sick of being at home in front of your computer every day and are craving some human contact then check out your local community centres and schools for classes and you might be surprised to see the array if courses available. As a freelancer it can be hard to break out of the daily cycle of pitch-work-pitch-work and, unlike those employed by a company, no one is going to ship you off to a course and carry out Continuing Professional Development checks. Since undertaking a Nutrition course for pleasure, I have discovered pure enjoyment in doing the research and assignments more so than the actual subject. MediLexicon is a free online medical dictionary.  Here you can find meaning of various medial terms and abbreviations. Getting started with MediLexicon is very easy with no requirement to register or create an account. MediLexicon manages its own information-base, which means that information delivered here is quite reliable in comparison to custom search engines claiming themselves to be online-medical-search engine. Other online free online medical dictionaries at your disposal are KMLE Medical Dictionary and Medical Dictionary Online. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
Askthedoctor is a one of the best website which gives you free medical advice on any of your health related query. Goodhealthnyou is a free web service which offers you free online medical advice for any kind of health related query.
This site may also put up answer for your question without disclosing your email address or name. FreeMedicalHelpline is a one of the most simple and straightforward website which allows you to put up any kind of medical query like a breeze. JustAskMedical is another user-friendly web service which provides you free online medical advice on any of your medical, related questions.
LaparoscopyHospital is another web service, which provides you free online medical advice from the expert surgeons of world laparoscopy hospital. So try these websites today and get free online medical advice on any of your health related queries. What happens, then, when your workload stops you from really learning anything new for more than ten minutes before it passes through your brain to make space for the next thing? Maybe you mention your excitement over your course on Twitter or Facebook and someone gets in touch to find out more. The British Medical Journal also has an abundance of learning resources that are fantastic (and free if you sign in with an academic institution or have an Athens or Shibboleth account). Vancouver also has a burgeoning Trade School movement where you barter for classes with things like coffee beans and books.

Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow theInkWell on Facebook for more tips for enhancing your writing career. In addition,  it can help you in finding the purpose of particular drug and offers much more. In case, you are not sure then it will be a more appropriate to widen your search by selecting ‘More’ tab (for custom Google search). Now feed in other personal information and medical background details and click on “I accept, submit” button. This service also includes a search box from where you can search any answer for your query.
The thing, which I didn’t like was that, this site does not specify any time limit in which your query would be answered. Like above written web services this one also takes you through the simple process to put up a question.
This web service allows you to type in a question first, then create an account by filling in relevant information. For asking a question, you need to click on the link “click here to get free medical advice”.
If you make an appointment with a doctor and you don’t have health insurance, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 for a simple office visit. You’re always reading the latest studies on heart attack prevention through diet, or how Lyme disease is at the centre of another legal controversy but are you just shallow-diving into all these areas and then core-dumping that information when it doesn’t prove immediately useful?
Just as you allocate time for marketing activity and networking to promote your freelance writing career (if you don’t, you should!) it is important to set aside time to study and time to consolidate that learning experience. Perhaps you take up a volunteer position with a local organisation to use your new skills and, from there, you meet a whole network of people you would never otherwise have connected with. This gave me a much-needed boost as it’s sometimes hard to find confidence in your abilities and knowledge when the daily workload relies on quick research and similar writing styles that are, dare I say it, non-literary. The schools that are signed up to teach these courses are well-respected educational establishments, including Johns Hopkins, Stanford and even my local school, the University of British Columbia.
You don’t need to fully attend these online courses and complete all assignments on time to get the benefits from them.
The Khan Academy is a fun distraction from work that allows you to learn a whole raft of things in a really easily-tracked and fun way. I’m even considering teaching a course later this year if I can drum up the confidence!
Enhance your medical writing career with free online courses so you stay relevant, feel more confident and approach your written commissions with renewed vigour. I think maybe words that are written I find easier to relate as the English language is sometimes confusing to speak. Many time it happens that the diagnosis report or the prescription becomes hard to interpret due to presence of medical jargons in them.
There are times when you think of a permanent family doctor who could give you medical advice without charging you anything. Before you put up a question to this service, you should search it by typing your question in the search bar. You need to enter your name, email, summary of medical condition, then verify the code, and finally type in your query between 100 to 1000 words.
Feed in your details like your name, email address, mention the disease, describe your medical problem.

If you are not ready to seek out treatment, you can use other sources besides a physician’s office to get medical advice. At the very least, learning something new is empowering and can dramatically increase your confidence when sending out proposals to potential clients or responding to a call for pitches. When writing for the web it is important to know your reader and work at their level of knowledge. Is it possible to recommend introduction courses in research and writing that is online and affordable?
If you are facing such issue then MediLexicon free online dictionary can be of some great help. Now with the growing usage of internet, many websites are coming up which provide free online medical advice from doctors on any type of health related query. It is possible that this website may already have answer to that question put up by another user.
Please make sure that you should enter your email address correctly, and the medical query should be entered correctly with all relevant details and without any spelling mistakes. The good thing about this web service is that it specifies a time limit, and you would get the answer for your query within 72 hours from the time you put up your question. If you don’t believe your knowledge is up-to-date and relevant then why should your clients believe in you? In practice, this means that I rarely use much of my vocabulary and feel it stagnating, atrophying, becoming moribund.
They may put up answer for your question on this site without disclosing your email address or name.
The query should be with a limit of 300 characters and it should be precise and short without any spelling mistake. That’s it, you will receive an email from their side, which would obviously contain advice for your medical problem. The kinds of courses you’ll find here are more focused on marketing, software development and new media rather than classical poetry or cultural studies. Try these websites to ask your health related query and for sure you would get a very good advice from the best qualified doctors who are working for these websites. Asking a question is very simple, as you need to select a section from the drop down menu, then select the category. For putting up a query, you need to feed in some personal information along with the question and click on the submit button at the bottom. Try JustAskMedical and get accurate and correct solution for your health problems like never before.
As you can log in with Facebook there’s the chance for some stealth marketing as the app.
When you select the category it shows you other related articles, which you can go through. Make sure that your email address is entered correctly because you will get your answer on your email. This website also includes a doctor chat feature, but it was not working as I tried many times.

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