This course broadens student's understanding of mathematics as it relates to managing data. 2.A copy of your Ontario Student Transcript (OST) or Credit Summary or Local School Transcript translated into English.
Our online high school students have control over their own learning and the freedom to learn according to their busy schedules!

When you enroll in a high school credit course with Grade Learning Online, you must complete 110 hours of coursework, however you are free to do that at a pace that works for you! To get you started, your teacher will contact you and let you know when the office hours are. During office hours each week, your teacher will meet with you via Skype and teach new concepts and review any concepts that you are having difficulty with.

When you complete all of your course work, you submit an exam request and we will set you up with an exam date and time that works for you - either at the Grade Learning nearest to you or with a proctor.

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