Completing a TAFE course allows many people to re-invent their careers or to greatly improve their employment options. If you are currently studying Year 11 and 12, or have just recently graduated, we can help you to make great happen too. We understand that study is a big undertaking for our students and we are committed to helping you to get the most from your experience. You are on a journey and like any other expedition you will need guidance, advice and help to reach your destination.
Access your course materials, find out about our WiFi, and online libraries and resources and update your details. The student support team offers counselling, disability services, learning support and Indigenous student support.
TAFE Queensland Gold Coast has a wide range of world-class, innovative and customised training solutions that meet the needs of industry and employers both locally and globally.
TAFE Queensland Gold Coast empowers individuals, industry, and communities to achieve their career and business goals. TAFE Queensland Gold Coast has a wide variety of services available to the wider community.
If you know your future lies in the nursing profession and you just can’t wait to get started on your career, this school-based partial Diploma is the perfect study option for you. This qualification is in transition and is not equivalent to the new qualification HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing. Students enrolling into HLT51612 Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 Nursing) now have a limited time in which to complete their studies in full. Students who are unable to complete their studies within the transition period will incur additional expenses, study time and assessments to complete their studies in the new qualification.

Experiences in life and the drive to make my daughter proud of me, along with my contribution to the community, led me towards choosing nursing as my career path. A qualification with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast will bring you practical & essential skills in your choosen field.
Must provide a letter from their school confirming support of access to adequate technologies including a suitable computer and access to the internet. All applicants are required to complete the Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) test before enrolment. Students will study online with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast, completing 8 of the 26 units of the Diploma of Nursing.
No matter what your circumstances, TAFE Queensland Gold Coast has a payment option to suit you. If you have difficulty paying the full cost of a course up front, you might be eligible for a payment plan. You are eligible for the concession price of a course if you are eligible for subsidised training, and are listed on an Australian Government Low Income Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you hold a Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card, or if you have a disability. Graduation parties celebrate a very special milestone in your child’s life, so endeavor to make this event something very memorable.
However the genuine feedback I received from those who had finished the Diploma of Nursing at TAFE Gold Coast led me to enrolling at the Southport location.
Each study unit (subject) attracts 1 credit towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). If you are unsure of what's right for you, or just want someone to talk it over with, call us on 07 5581 8300.
TAFE Queensland Gold Coast receives the full loan amount for your course directly from the Government, and you repay your loan through the Australian taxation system once your income reaches a certain threshhold.

This will allow you to pay for your course in instalments, rather than one upfront payment at the time of enrolment.
Giving some forethought to planning graduation party activities can help you accomplish that. Delivered flexibly online, this course allows you to fit study around your school, work and family commitments.
Furthermore, being a mature aged, single mother meant I needed to study a course that offered me the flexibility to be able to be a devoted mother and full time student. There are many possible themes from which to choose, such as, a School Colors Theme, Hawaiian Laua, Beach Party, Pool Party, Sports Theme, This Is Your Life Theme, Profession Theme (about the graduate’s chosen profession), Dance Party, Cowboy theme, Mexican theme (or other nationality), Scavenger Hunt.
There’s Pin the Mustache on the Teacher (using a blown up a picture of a teacher, instead of a Donkey). You could also rent a photo booth to give your guests the chance to enjoy taking fun pictures. Have the graduate’s friends tell some true life embarrassing stories about the graduate.
For example, a high school graduation dinner party is best held during the day or early evening since some guests may not drive yet, and younger guests may have curfews.

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