RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar for Rs ten thosand cash award who mailed it to trainer Mr Ziaulislam Zuberi for final selection. Executive District Officer Education (EDO) Bahawalpur Mohd Saleem Khan was the chief guest on this occasion. She stated that there were many women with master degrees in journalism but they were not given oportunities. Nisa Bukhari demanded that women should be encouraged to work either through emails from their homes. The aim of this workshop is to establish an effective network of journalists to monitor and defend freedom of expression.
Ghazanafar Ahmed Sial, Mian Shahid Javed, Taj Ghaus, Haji Abdullah, Waheed Rushdi and ZainulAbideen. Editor Daily Maghrabi Pakistan, Bashir Hussein Ansari, delivered lectures in two sessions which lasted for four hours each. Workshop organised by The Rural Media Network Pakistan(RMNP) in Union Council hall Mubarakpur. The workshop was held at the Ahmedpur Higher Secondary School and was attended by 10 female journalists and 15 male journalists. Stories pertinent to Ahmedpur were discussed in details and investigative techniques imparted by Michael Griffin.
The course at AhmedpurEast ia an unusual venture for the Commonwealth Journalists Association. Convenor Rural Media Network Pakistan Ehsan Ahmed Sehar organised three training workshops in 1995, 2002 and 2005 with the collaboration of Pakistan Press Foundation, UNESCO and Friedrich Ebert Siftung (FES).
A three day Rural Journalists' Skills Development Workshop was organised under the auspices of Pakistan Press International (PPI) with the collaboration of Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in Jinnah Hall, AhmedpurEast from 22 Oct 1995 to 25 October 1995. According to a Poynter article, a Gannett newspaper editor said there will be fewer management positions and a smaller number of production-related roles; the new newsroom is “deconstructing the typical assigning editors job,” resulting in new roles such as audience analyst, engagement editor, storytelling coach and content strategist. A list of job descriptions for such new newsrooms is being attached to the end of this post. When we examine the job descriptions for Gannett’s newsroom, it is apparent that staff will need new tools and skillsets in order to fulfill their new roles. And this echos what I previously wrote about the myriad skills employers now expect of journalism graduates – journalism schools need to revamp their curriculum to better meet the changing job market demands. Audience development skills (formerly known as marketing and circulation) such as managing online communities, interpreting data on audience behavior, crowdsourcing for information, interacting with the audience. I once wrote in a post that there’s a growing demand, outside the news media sector, for journalism skills and professionals.
The diagram below shows that in the past, only the news media need journalism skills; today, institutions and the public, along with the media, need journalism skills to produce contents that engage audience.
Content Coach: Coaches, supervises and directs the work of reporters, encouraging independent planning and self-direction. Engagement Editor I: Plans and executes engagement opportunities to maximize community impact and story resonance in print, digital, community event and social media settings.
Planning Editor (print or digital): Uses high level of expertise and judgment to determine the placement of content and has final say in the finished product. Reporter 1 (Prep Sports): Researches, reports and writes compelling journalism that continuously grows a fan base by informing and engaging readers.

Producer 1 (print or digital): Manages the delivery of content to digital and print platforms and meets deadlines.
It is an aye opener for both journalism schools,like where I am- Makerere Metropolitan Management Institute (Kampala) and journalists. Very likely future newsroom scenario ;but its actualization depends, I think, on uninterrupted supply of energy which is not very promising for the world,particularly the developing world. Journalism school, like law school or business school, has a natural focus on vocational training. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hiiraan Online reporters from across Somalia gathered for a six-day journalism training held in Hargeisa, the Somaliland capital.
Funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an American nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, the seminar provided the reporters with basic journalism tools and tips. All Hiiraan Online reporters from Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Buroa, Boosaaso, Beledweyn and Kismaayo attended the seminar and graduated with success.
Now more than 11 years old, Hiiraan Online boasts the largest audience share among the hundreds of Somali websites. Hiiraan Online is the exclusive platform trusted by international aid organizations as well as leading opinion writers.
The Hargeisa seminar marks a turning point in the history of Hiiraan Online, in that it helps streamline the website's reporting style, now that its Somalia reporters received a collective training and strengthened their teamwork.
Journalism Next covers the state of the art in online journalism and is up to date as much as a book can be that was written in 2009.
What I was missing is a website that presents the links to sources used in the book and that adds latest developments. Conclusion: Journalism Next is a book well suited for journalism students and teachers as well as journalists seeking an overview of the field or tips for their working routine. This might be the right approach for absolute beginners, maybe hard core print journalists who reach out to the digital world, school teachers with basic understanding of online technology, first grade journalism students. The book covers most relevant topics such as writing for the web, blogging, multimedia, social networking, data visualization and Flash.
Conclusion: Not for me, but maybe for readers with a more basic understanding of the topic. President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar conducting Press Freedom Monitoring Workshop in Press Club Liaquatpur. This was the first training workshop run by the CJA in a remote area since the CJA was founded in 1978. Producing slideshows with sound, shooting and editing video and photos, writing for the web. Collecting, editing, analyzing and interpreting data to produce compelling interactive maps and graphics.
Journalists can help a news organization generate revenues without compromising their ethics, and today that skill is more important than ever.
To that end, journalism schools need to train students as content producers for various institutions, not just journalists for news media. Guides reporters and photographers by applying specific expertise to ensure that they create high quality content that fulfills the newsroom’s strategy across all platforms.

Writes, re-writes, assembles and publishes content such as calendars, listings, press releases, news briefs and sports briefs.
Acts as a public ambassador through community outreach and connects with readers through social media. Works with planning editor, content coach, reporters and photographers to best display content on all platforms, using a high level of judgment and creativity.
Things change so fast in the internet that it’s hard to keep up with the pace on printed paper.
But Briggs manages to keep his writing to the point and to focus on the important aspects of each topic. A good idea is the online extension of the book, a extended linklist with links to each chapter of the book (you only can access the lists through the URLs provided in the book).
Still, as for me the book would be easier to skim if it was structured more reader friendly and if it’s writing style was more to the point. Oversees the smooth editing and production of this content into both print and digital products. Focus areas include, but are not limited to: investigative reporting, narrative writing, photography and videography, beat development and digital content. At the end of each chapter one finds a checklist to get going with what has just been learned. Connects content with creative ways to generate community interaction both virtually and through events. Collaborates with content strategists and audience analysts to shape storytelling that will meet audience interests and needs. Works with the content coach, content strategists and audience analysts to shape storytelling to meet audience needs and interests on every platform. Copy edits some content before publishing to digital platforms or handing off to a design studio.
The book covers the whole scope of online journalism from HTML basics to data visualisation and social media interaction. Guides journalists by consultation and coaching before, during and after the creation of content. Collaborates with content strategists and audience analysts to program content by platform and ensure we deliver on key audience expectations.
It also spends some time on working tools and strategies such as how to organize your e-mails. Ensures the right volume and quality of content across platforms for both daily and enterprise needs. Follows through the process from conception to publication to ensure SOPs are followed and deadlines are met.

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