Problem Solving Skills for Change Leaders.Course for Leadership personnel in change management.
Find online courses and a wide range of related learning content from across Harvard's schools, initiatives, and programs.
HarvardX for Allston, free and open to all, integrates virtual education with in-person discussion opportunities. China's past, present, and future through history, geography, philosophies, literature, politics, economy, art, and ecology.
Learn about the history and social impact of world religions through their scriptures with experts representing several of the world’s religious traditions. Explore data analysis of several experimental protocols, using open source software, including R and Bioconductor. Learn how to bridge from diverse genomic assay and annotation structures to data analysis and research presentations via innovative approaches to computing.
A focus on several techniques that are widely used in the analysis of high-dimensional data.
A focus on the techniques commonly used to perform statistical inference on high throughput data. An introduction to basic statistical concepts and R programming skills necessary for analyzing data in the life sciences. Learn about the most pressing issues in global health through a series of reviews and interviews with leading experts.
A human-centered approach to the fundamentals of cell biology with a focus on the power plants of the cell - mitochondria.

Following the presentation of four Harvard Medals, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker and Harvard's president spoke at the afternoon program. Gardens soften the stark look of the Colonial-era House of the Seven GablesPhotograph courtesy of Frank C. Readers respond to articles on eugenics, the Overseers’ election, the Law School shield, and more. A finalist for the second year in a row, Jimmy Vesey won this year's Hobey Baker Memorial Award. To access Class Notes or Obituaries, please log in using your Harvard Magazine account and verify your alumni status. Your donation today ensures that Harvard Magazine can continue to provide high-quality content and remain an editorially independent source of news about the Harvard community. This is precisely the kind of investment recommended by the experts involved in Harvard Business School’s U.S. The low-cost platform challenges students and enables them to build a portfolio of their work. Drawing on decades of experience as a lawyer and trade-association executive involved in international logistics, and representing China’s national shipping line, Richard D. David Weinstein, a 2011 fellow and 2012 senior fellow, worked with “really smart people” at Fidelity Investments, where he was chief of administration.
Weinstein and his team are expanding distribution by partnering with nonprofit groups, like Zoo New England, that encourage writing for subject-matter competitions, as a way of demonstrating the value of the program to school systems.
As governments have deinstitutionalized care, people with severe mental illness and their families have had to navigate uncoordinated programs and services; for many mentally ill Americans, “care” is treatment in the emergency room or a cell, punctuating periods of homelessness.

How can children in impoverished households imagine the sort of better future (becoming an engineer or a Supreme Court justice) that is routine for those in more fortunate environments—and then tie that vision to their education? Alarmed at the loss of “the physician as the healer of ills, not just the fixer of problems,” and doctors’ pervasive discontent with their profession, Vincent de Luise, a Connecticut ophthalmologist, devised “The Course in Compassion,” intended to reform medical-school curriculums by introducing instruction in art, observation, narrative, mindfulness, and empathy training—all grounded in humanism and humanities disciplines.
Lahoud ’78, a 2013 ALI fellow and 2014 senior fellow, who is a principal officer in the United Nations’ peacekeeping operations, will be profiled in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Magazine. Rey aims to expand it to biotechnology and other industries in Rhode Island, and to develop a curriculum for such training. But he found their written communications, especially across disciplines, subject to misinterpretation and “often filled with jargon.” Teaching at Boston College Law School, he saw a similar need to improve students’ writing.
With technologically proficient people scarce, the company began training its own workforce, while offering full pay and benefits for a year; the apprentices acquire technical proficiency and receive guidance on a competitive work ethic and the “soft” skills needed to succeed.
As an ALI fellow, he explored with Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) experts how students learn to write effectively. Lauderdale, a former vice president and assistant general counsel at IBM, and his wife, Valerie Lauderdale, participating as an ALI partner, probed Connecticut’s program to coordinate mental healthcare for this population. Johnson, who has been principal of a private investing and management company, has developed a “dream-big” learning tool, “Lead a Brilliant Life,” that, for example, ties the letter “a” to “architect,” provides an illustrative role model, invites play and storytelling about the role, and links it to school lessons. Trainees (ranging from a track-and-field coach to a construction worker, and including the unemployed) all found placements at the company or with customers, enlarging the computer ecosystem—and typically nearly doubled their income.

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