Recognized by UGC-Distance Education Bureau for Offering Programmes in open & Distance Learning (ODL). Mahatma Gandhi University introduces "learning management system" to provide complete online education facility to the students.
SMART MBA ONLINE is built in Technical Collaboration with several leading Indian Universities and delivered quality university accredited MBA & Executive MBA Programs.
There is nothing that can replace the experience of spending two full years at a Top Ranking B School and taking a full time MBA against a class full of peers. A Masters Business Management Degree, This MBA Program contributes to the career development of Working Professionals or Career entrants, preparing them for a career in Business Management. It will be conducted through Pre Recorded Video Lectures by the Best Academicians and Practicing Managers.
A Masters Business Management Degree, This MBA Program contributes to the career development of Working Professionals or Career entrants, preparing them for a career in Business Management.
Video lectures delivered by management gurus, Professors from IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bangalore and from other Top Rated Management Institutions. With a built-in big 4400 mAh battery iBall Slide gives you an unending flexibility to enjoy. The WebOffices Learning Management System (LMS) provides a comprehensive portal for all your online content, making it easy for you and your users alike.
Full adherence to SCORM standards ensures seamless communication between your content and the LMS, along with compatibility with 3rd party content and authoring tools. Our flexible, integrated commerce capabilities allow you to sell your content the way you want. All your courses and content will be organized into one or more curriculum paths, including pre-requisites and adaptive learning.
Our comprehensive and flexible testing capability includes multiple question types, randomization, feedback options, automated grading, and more. Your online learning center provides a strong brand presence, as we incorporate your logo and marketing identity throughout the LMS.Our system also provides branded course certificates upon successful completion. Our Learning Management system will help you increase your Productivity, Save Time and Money, Reduce your operational cost, Motivate your team with honing their skills.
Programs & Courses: Organize your course materials into curriculums, courses, units, and exams.
Enrollment: View, approve, and decline incoming enrollment requests from one central queue.

Tiered Content Delivery: Curriculums contain courses, which contain units, which contain exams. Enrollment Approval Controls: You control what enrollment requests are approved or declined. Easily Reorder Courses: Click, drag, and drop courses into curriculums and reorder them at any time. Restricted Course Advancement: You determine whether a student must complete a course before continuing to the next one. Unlimited Courses: Add as many courses as necessary to central repository and add them to multiple curriculums.
Unlimited Course Units: Courses can be divided into an unlimited number of units for easy student reference. Text, Video, and Audio Content: Add different types of media to units, such as text, video, and audio. Unlimited Question: Add as many multiple choice, fill-in, list, or essay questions as you need to. Online Student Exam Administration: Students are able to take all exams online once they view the corresponding course material. Instructor Dashboard: Course instructors can sign in and manually grade exams that require attention. Dedicated, Pop-Up Learning Center: Easily install the launch button that initiates the Learning Center for students.
Tablet-Friendly Interface: Students and instructors can access the Learning Center via a desktop computer or portable tablet device.
Ganesan Iyer had been associated with ICFAI, Magnus Business School, Annamalai University etc.
Uma Gopalakrishnan has 24 years of Teaching and Training that includes 7 years of Corporate Experience.
Swapnesh Sebastian has been an industry consultant and has travelled widely across Europe & Asia delivering training sessions to various corporate.
V K Kumar has 35 years of industrial and academic experience, predominantly in theChemical industry.
Pradeep Gangadharan is a visiting faculty to business schools such as IBS, ITM, Amity & He is quite proficient in statistical tools using SPSS software. S Thirumalai has 36 years of industry experience: 3 years in teaching and is a practicing consultant.

Vijay Kumar V, a mechanical engineer and a post graduate in management with years of experience in the field of manufacturing, market research and management consulting services. In our fully hosted solution, we provide full technical capabilities, including hosting, database backups, upgrades, and technical support to your administrators. Our Learning Management System fulfills the learning needs of any size of Institutes, Universities and any other form of Institutions. NetMinistry delivers a complete online learning management system for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Under a€?LMSa€? following features are available on a cost that is optional to the students. Has a vast experience in teaching Principles of Management, Organizational Behaviour, Research Methodology, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Consumer Behaviour, Industrial Relations and Labour Laws, Product and Brand Management, Human Resource Development, Project Report Guidance in the area of HR and Marketing Management. Venkatasubramanian has 18 years of industry experience and is currently Associate Vice President at GAVS Technologies, Chennai. Professor at Maharishi Institute of Management and ITM, Chennaiand is a visiting faculty at IIM Indore and Kozhikode, Institute of Chartered Accountants and ICWAI, Chennai.
Swapnesh, because of his training background, developed passion for teaching and he has been handling training sessions for corporate in the areas of Strategic Management, Holistic Management, Leadership & change, MIS to name a few. He is a visiting faculty at VIT Business School, ICFAI Business School, Pondicherry University.
Is a visiting Faculty at ITM, AMITY, Everonn, IIKM, IMT Ghaziabad and a practicing consultant. Jayalakshmi has to her credit numerous articles and papers in the area of Economics and she is a visiting faculty at IIMT & IIKM. Venkat is passionate about teaching and he is a visiting faculty at Bharathidasan University – DDE and a few other prestigious institutions at Chennai.
Devanathan is very passionate about teaching and is a visiting faculty at SYMBIOSIS, IGNOU & ICWAI.
He was previously a correspondent for 'Business World', India's largest circulated business magazine, and Area Manager for Asian Paints (I) Ltd., India's largest paint company.

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