Arts & Sciences Online Learning provides rich interactive learning experiences at the University of Pennsylvania. Learn about our synchronous sessions and highly interactive course sites with content developed in collaboration with our outstanding faculty and staff.
Online Learning offers over 30 for-credit, fully online courses per academic year and summer.
In partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning's Structured, Active, In-class Learning (SAIL) program, Online Learning supports faculty in the "flipping" of their classrooms. Online Learning hosts and manages Canvas-based communities for students in Liberal & Professional Studies programs. Our online learning events are designed to help you be successful with the SafeStart process by teaching specific skills for specific topics at specific times. These events differ from our public webinars, which offer general information about SafeStart, by providing tangible learning outcomes and skill development under the guidance and instruction of one of our consultants. We currently offer private online learning events for Certified SafeStart Trainers preparing to deliver the Extended Application Units (EAUs).
We hope to add additional online learning events in the future and would welcome and appreciate feedback from our clients on the topics you feel would benefit you most during your implementation.
We are  adding this awesome resources to Blooms Taxonomy section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.
There are huge variety of videos for listening and pronunciation practice at English Central and Elllo.
The British Council is a massive site which has EVERYTHING you need to help you learn English at home – videos, activities, songs, grammar reference, vocabulary…. Last but not least, have fun with English by listening and singing along with the lyrics to songs with JJ English’s videos. See our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to learn new vocabulary and find out what is happening at the school and in Edinburgh. The undergraduate English courses, offered through UF Flexible Learning, are offered in an online format. This Top Websites For Learning Online list contains the best sites and services to sharpen your mind, learn something new, and better yourself during your spare time. A genius website that will make you a more knowledgeable and well-rounded person, is just what it sounds like, a place to learn about useful advances in science.
Computer science, and coding in particular, is an industry that is growing and growing rapidly.
There is no easier way to learn how to design than by utilizing the resources at Learning is the key to maintaining the world’s growth and progress and Future Learn is dedicated to the cause. In today’s day and age, efficiency is the name of the game and Shortcutfoo is here to help. Whether you are looking for an ice-breaker, need to write a paper for school or just can’t seem to figure out a clever way to start your blog post, witty and profound quotes are a great thing to have at your fingertips. Lingualy is a free tool that helps you turn the internet into your own personal language tutor. Irrespective of your scientific background or amount of free time, World Science U has all the resources that you need to learn more about the wonderful world of science. Yabbly is a Ask Me Anything (or AMA platform) designed to help bring people together and spread valuable information through social interviews. Crowdsourced from many people across many different industries, Learnist is basically the world’s knowledge in one intuitive webpage. Experiment is a website that aims to make scientific research and discoveries accessible to anyone with a good idea and the passion to carry out the necessary tests. Finding a good tutor was once an arduous task that took many phone calls and hours of research. There are thousands of rules in the english language, so even the most experienced of writers are bound to make mistakes once in awhile. There are plenty of websites that offer classes and opportunities to learn online, but few offer them with the focus of helping you begin or advance your career like Udacity. The internet is full of information, sometimes it just takes a person to point you in the right direction. Saylor Academy wants to make higher-level education accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. With over 700 amazing courses collected from around the web, Course Buffet is the best place to learn the subject that you find intriguing. Books are an amazing source of knowledge, but unfortunately, many people don’t have the time (or the patience) to read hundreds of pages on a consistent basis.
With a vision to make world-class education available to anyone for free, Coursera is a determined and capable of helping you get the learning opportunity of your dreams. Creativity is one of the most treasured aspects of childhood, and DIY has created a way to foster this character trait in children around the world.
No one likes taking tests, but the reality is, tests like the SATS, MCATS and LSATS have huge implications on your future. With over 400,000 thousand students helped and counting, its a no-brainer to start Bench Prep.

In a generation where children are becoming more and more tech-savy, it was a prudent move for two brothers to create apps that are specifically designed to encourage and educate the youth. Courses are open to all undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students at the University of Pennsylvania. Please send us your ideas using our contact form or mention them to your SafeStart account manager the next time you’re speaking with them. Kevin did a great job in describing Blooms Taxonomy, he mainly talked about different learning levels starting from simple to complex and from surface to deep. These courses are designed for students that would like to earn credit toward their undergraduate degree, but require the flexibility of a self-paced learning environment.
Useful Science lists practical and interesting facts about fitness, education and more that you can peruse and apply practically into your own life.
Therefore, learning to code is an extremely useful skill that can help you make, or get ahead in your career. Hack Design has lessons from some of the world’s top designers to teach you the tricks of good designing. A wide variety of high quality, free courses are offered from the world’s leading universities in an attempt to connect high quality educators with students who are thirsty for their knowledge. As a prospective student, you can apply to be admitted into The Arcanum by specifying your interests, skills etc. Whether you need help improving your ACT score, want to do better in Biology class or just need to learn proper swimming technique, Take Lessons has instructors for all types of activities. This website promises to teach and help you remember crucial shortcuts which will make working quicker a guaranteed reality. Shortcutfoo has tips on many of your favorite programs like Vim, Gmail and Excel and has added features that best utilize the memory retaining portion of your brain. All you need to do is choose the language that you want to learn and lingualy will help you with the rest. Using groundbreaking speech recognition technology and an innovative and organized methodology, Pronunciator can help you pick up a foreign language, while helping you to not sound like a foreigner. So, whether you like to see visuals, read texts or hear audio, use Edspire to learn about the arts, sciences, humanities and more. A format made famous by Reddit but perfected by Yabbly, AMA’s are basically a question answer session with different interesting people who have the knowledge and experience that is worthwhile to share with others.
Learnist has message boards filled with useful information, and has experts write their insights so you know that the information that you’re getting is thoroughly researched and up to date.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the training and practice necessary to be able to make smart and confidant decision.
Using a crowd funding technique similar to Kickstarter, Experiment lets users raise money for their scientific experiments and donate to other experiments that they deem useful or important. However, thanks to Wyz Ant, you can now easily connected to one of over 75,000 tutors to find the one that’s perfect for you. Additionally, traditional word-processors only grammar check for minor rules, leaving a writer with potentially mistake-laden work. And, with their 317 courses and counting (created with the help of actual college professors), they are doing just that. In order to streamline the process of finding the proper course, Course Buffet lets you do one easy search to get all the best courses that fit your description. Blinkist has identified this problem and aims to solve it by helping people to best utilize their free time. What separates Creative Live from other class streaming services is the type of courses offered there. Coursera has a partnership with some of the leading universities (Ivy League schools included) which helps them to create the best curriculum for each subject. Code School prides itself on its ability to teach new technologies in a simple and clear way. Students not currently affiliated with Penn are able to register for for-credit, fully online courses by completing the Penn Summer's visiting-student, open-enrollment process. You must know either The Meadows or Arthur’s Seat, but there are many more choices waiting for you. If you are currently enrolled in an online or traditional on campus degree program, these courses can help you meet your general education requirements. It is also for this reason, that I was thrilled to do research and discover the top 51 websites for learning online. It is also a wonderful place to learn about crucial computer programs like Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and iMovie. And, if a particular topic interests you a lot, just click on the fact for a complete scientific paper on the idea.
Additionally, Hack Design has puzzles and games to help you master what you’ve learnt, and even introduces you to new programs that you may never have heard of. These lessons are offered in short, digestible chunks and can be accessed from any device in order to make learning even more convenient.
If you are good enough, a select group of skilled masters will choose to take you under their wings to help you master different artistic skills. These teachers will meet with you to help you accomplish your best, and if the best teacher doesn’t live near you, simply use Take Lessons to set up a video chat session. Additionally, Shortcutfoo allows you to customize your training program so that you learn all the skills that you need to know without being bogged down by the extras.

Quotery lets you search by category, editors picks and more, so the quote that you need is always ready to be discovered.
As you surf the internet in your foreign language of choice, simply double-click on words to have them saved for review later. With 80 languages to choose from, the one that you need to learn is undoubtedly on the list. In that way, scientific research can be performed by regular people who are willing to put the time in to help the world. Watch lectures on many different topics, discuss your thoughts on message boards and become a more knowledgeable person. Simply type in your zip code and the subject that you want to study (could be school subjects or even standardized tests) and watch as dozens of results are presented to you.
Luckily Grammarly, the world’s most advanced online automated proofreader, does your grammar checks the right way.
In this way, they are able to pinpoint the key skills that these companies look for in employees, and work with them to build courses of that nature.
Courses can be filtered by subject, university, level or by the provider so you won’t have any trouble getting the course that fills your need. Programmr offers lessons in virtually every programming language for consoles, web and mobile devices so the language that you want to learn is surely available.
While waiting on line for your morning coffee or your few minutes at the bus stop, use Blinkist to read short ideas and quotes from some of the top non-fiction works available. Whether you are looking to gain more knowledge in a career oriented topic (perhaps, business) or you are looking to take your hobby to the next level (photography anyone?) Creative Live has the class for you. Courses can be taken in your own time and at your own convenience, so you’ll never feel pressured or hurried like at a regular college.
Such missions include becoming an animator, an athlete or even a backyard farmer. Basically, DIY teaches children the positive message that they can accomplish any dream that they are willing to work for. With dozens of courses and other test-prep features, Bench Prep is fully equipped to give you the tools that you need to succeed on your tests. The courses basically submerge you in a topic, giving you a short intro video and then start asking you to solve challenges. For Online Learning's current and future for-credit, fully-online course offerings, check the course schedule on the right-hand sidebar.
To get the most out of the experience of moving abroad it’s important to try to embrace a little of the local culture, and speak the language.
These websites will help you in school, at work and anywhere else where knowledge equals power (everywhere). With tons of mostly free videos, interactive tutorials and reading material from around the web, Bentobox is a great place to learn the basics and the intricacies of the world of coding. Hack Design can also send you a weekly email with a new lesson, hand crafted by top designers to help keep you stay fresh and current. Lingualy will help you learn and practice these words, and will introduce you to new, real web content for your reading pleasure.
Wall Street Survivors has thousands of articles and videos to educate you on the basics and the intricacies of the market. Each tutor has a profile page with their credentials, fees and student reviews so you’ll know that you are getting the right person for the job. All you need to do is upload your column to the website and Grammarly scans for plagiarism and grammar mistakes all in a manner of seconds. Udacity will help teach you news skills, build your portfolio and will coach you through the challenges that any important course load entails. Additionally, Programmr hosts contests, connects you with fellow programmers and even lets you make demo apps right there on the website to truly assist you in showcasing your skills. Blinkist can also recommend other books to you based on the selections that you are making, all without taking up too much time or money like a traditional book. Additionally, Bench Prep is accessible on all of your devices, so you can sit and study with your laptop in the library and also make some progress with your phone on the bus. Each word on Dead Words was once a real English word, but now doesn’t appear in mainstream dictionaries. The content is designed for children 3-8 years old and has won several app awards already, so you know that you are giving your child premium quality work. Here’s some handy hints for meeting those elusive natives, we leave the rest to you and your foreign charms. The words are graphically designed in different beautiful ways that illustrate the word’s meaning and history. When you graduate from this website, you’ll have the knowledge, confidence and skills to have a successful run at the market.

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