English spoken lessons through online as well as free is an amusing gift for any second language learner. Excuse me, obviously, certainly of course are manners which enhance the art of spoken English. You can practice your Spoken English 6 minutes each day with English studying people in the world.We work hard to create an useful English learning software with good user experience. Learning American Spoken English With Standard Pronunciation is the best tool for improving listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities.
Learning British Spoken English With Standard Pronunciation is the best tool for improving listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities.
Speak English while travelling - your Spoken English course and a practical language travel guide in one app.
7-day free trial!A fun method for learning English effortlessly.Each morning, you receive a lesson in English with a variety of written and audio exercises. Phrasal verbs are idiomatic expressions, combining verbs and prepositions to make new verbs whose meaning is often not obvious from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. Learn, Test English ANYWHERE, ANY TIMEThe Test English Level is a collection of question test in level A,B,C . This recently launched fast, free and offline English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary app has one of the most comprehensive Hindi and English vocabulary. Listen to passages Spoken by native male and female English speakers, then test how much you remember by recording yourself. Improve your English comprehension skills with Learn English by Radio, an innovative and engaging app that teaches you the nuances of Spoken English via classic American radio shows. Now, of course, many of us greatly enjoy our sense of taste as we eat a delicious meal, but what I’m talking about here is using the sense of taste as a reminder.
How can you find out if your sense of taste will remind you to practice the skills you need to improve your spoken English?
All you need is a list of 10-20 words that you are working on (all with the same sound in them) and some strongly flavored candy – mints or lemon or other sour candy. Keep the candy in a bowl on your desk, in your pocket or purse, or somewhere easily accessible so you can suck on it throughout the day.

Each time you reach for a piece of candy, recite a few of your practice words, paying careful attention to pronounce them correctly.
If this seems to work well for you,experiment with several types of candy over a few days and see which one triggers the strongest memories.
This entry was posted in English pronunciation and tagged English Pronunciation, IMPROVE SPOKEN ENGLISH, PRONUNCIATION by Lisa Scott. You want to speak with an English American accent, but you’re having a hard time figuring it out. This is a difficult concept for many Koreans because the f and v don’t really exist in your native language, and the b and p are often interchangeable. The only difference in each of these words is the first letter, but it completely changes the meaning of the word.
The difference in these sounds is in the lip and teeth placement, and also in the voicing, like we talked about earlier. You are probably aware that this is a challenge, as once again, your native language does not really distinguish between these sounds and English does. These four secrets are some of the biggest reasons that Korean speakers struggle with their English American accent. This entry was posted in English pronunciation and tagged English American Accent, Speak Like American by Lisa Scott. Spoken English is now-a-days a very important and badly needed skill in corporate life and personal life to keep pace with this competitive job market.
This fun and interactive book is written and Spoken in English, Spanish and Italian.Features 8 Interactive pages. Aber sie kann nur einmal oder zweimal im Jahr wegfliegen.She would like to travel twenty times a year.
Even when you know the correct pronunciation of a sound, remembering to use it in conversation is another matter. Before you give up and think you’ll just have to live with your accent the way it is, there is something else you can try. Over the course of the day, your brain will learn that when it senses that taste, it’s time to use your new English pronunciation.

If the candy is too mild, you may just enjoy the taste too much and forget the practice, so be sure to use only strongly-flavored ones. You know you have a hard time speaking English clearly and that others have a hard time understanding you. However, in English each of these sounds is distinct, and using the wrong sound can easily change the whole meaning of a word. So, you can see how easily an English speaker would be confused if you substituted one of these sounds for another. Now that you know the secrets, I want you to practice the sounds until you can hear and say the different English pronunciations. I offer a free 20-minute consult over Skype so you can decide if you are comfortable working with me.
In 2003, 74.2% of people polled in a government survey in Korea admitted that they had difficulty communicating in English. A survey taken by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong asked foreigners to rate how easily they could understand speakers of English from 12 different Asian countries. I’m going to share with you some secrets to an English American accent that you would normally only get when you work with me one on one to improve your spoken English. They can learn and get instructions about learning English spoken in any place at any time through my online English spoken lesson. So, practice these techniques on your own, but be sure to get in touch with me if you get stuck. The r is made by producing the l sound, then pulling the tongue a little farther back in the mouth, keeping the tip up but no longer touching.
This course is intended with the objectives of helping you to reap the benefits of power of speech. This voicing is the only difference between the word coat (a piece of clothing) and the word goat (an animal).

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