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Basic ScienceEffect of Electrical Field Stimulation on Dorsal Root Ganglion Neuronal FunctionAndrew S. The Library lets you do things like participate in club activities and projects, see and submit creative work through the Student Showcase, use reference tutorials and view our student handbook.

To find out more read the article on Design and Construction of Commercial Spiral Wound Modules. Boisot's Information Space (I-Space) takes into account the degree to which data are written (codification), the degree to which the data can be understood (abstraction), and the degree to which the data are effectively communicated to an audience (diffusion). Hogan, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, 8701 W Watertown Plank, Milwaukee, WI 53226-3548, USA. A data system is said to be more data economical if it is relatively high in these dimensions.
Application of the approach to entries in two popular, publicly available biological data repositories, the Protein DataBank (PDB) and GenBank, leads to the recommendation that PDB increases its level of abstraction through establishing a larger set of detailed keywords, diffusion through constructing hyperlinks to other databases, and codification through constructing additional subsections.

With these recommendations in place, PDB would achieve the greater data economies currently enjoyed by GenBank.
See the articles Micro-Engineered Membranes, Enantioselective Membranes (free article), and Membranes with Hierarchical Porosity for an overview of the techniques to manipulate membranes morphology.

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