SPRINGFIELD, IL (IRN) – The Illinois Senate could soon decide to increase the number of ways you can play the lottery online. The lottery’s deputy chief of staff, Jen Acker, can’t estimate how much above the current $5.5 million the expansion would bring in but said the online sales are less than one-half of 1 percent of the lottery’s total take. UPDATE: No one picked the winning numbers in Wednesday's $360 million Powerball drawing, The Associated Press reported. The jackpot in the multi-state lottery soared to $360 million after no one matched all six numbers in Saturday's drawing.

The last major Powerball grand prize was $338 million, which was won in March by a former bodega owner from New Jersey. The largest Powerball jackpot ever was $587.5 million, split by two winning tickets in November 2012. A South Carolina woman's luck stopped short after she told a few friends about her winning $500 ticket. However, five tickets in 10 different states matched five numbers, winning prizes of $1 million each.

In addition to settling child support payments, Pedro Quezada announced he would pay his neighbors' rents with his winnings "for at least a month," a friend said. The legislation would expand that opportunity to all seven, plus any draw-based games the lottery would add in the future.

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