It's the equivalent to having a onsite trainer, but less than HALF the price and less time consuming for you.
First you will go to the Contact page, under Online packages select which one you want to do, then fill out the information sheet with your name, email, phone number, and in the message column please state your Skype information if you have one, if not, please put a good time I can call you.
Online Personal Trainer: Body's by Dubs offers the best online personal training and meal plans available. We begin with a 30 minute consultation (via Skype or telephone); this is where we discuss your health and your current goals.
The first month is $100.00 that includes 30 minute consultation, your personalized workout plan, and your personalized meal plan.

You will be investing way less, but still have the same quality workouts to get you to your goals. From there I put together for you a personalized workout plan tailored towards your goals, as we'll as a personalized meal plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. If you decide to continue my online personal training program then it's only $50.00 a month. Also you will be given a top notch meal plan specific for your goals, and finally you will have the same accountability that you would have if you hired an onsite personal trainer. I will check with you on a weekly basis to make sure your workouts are going well (proper form, and progression) as well as making sure you are staying on track with your meal plan.

Each month we will contour your workout plan towards your progression, along with your meal plan to get you to your goals at the fastest pace!

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