Our Online Training Solutions program is a new five part online training series for Project Management, Project Controls, and Construction Management professionals. These 90 minutes classes are designed to flow together, building upon the skills obtained from previous classes, or may be taken individually.
In this online class you will gain knowledge of identifying and quantifying your total project risk and exposure.
The BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice will give you the skills needed to launch yourself into the stimulating, challenging and dynamic project management industry. You will gain valuable skills, including setting timelines and targets, project costing, budget management, quality control, communicating with key stakeholders as well as recruiting and leading personnel to work on the project. The BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice should be viewed as an opportunity to gain new skills and as a stepping stone to launch a career in the dynamic, challenging and stimulating project management industry.
This course will give you the confidence to lead a team and deliver the project's outcomes. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise meetings including making arrangements, liaising with participants, and developing and distributing meeting related documentation.
This unit applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who organise a variety of meetings. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to contribute to the control of a project\'s scope by assisting with identifying its objectives, deliverables, constraints, assumptions and outcomes; and by applying controls once the project has commenced.
Assist with project scheduling activities, the application and monitoring of the agreed schedule and evaluation of time management effectiveness for the project. Enhance project outcomes through contributing to quality planning, applying quality policies and procedures and contributing to continuous improvement within projects.
Work with others to produce a project budget, to monitor project expenditure and to contribute to cost finalisation processes.

Provide a critical link between people, ideas and information at all stages in the project lifecycle. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to implement and monitor the organisation’s work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures and programs in the relevant work area in order to meet legislative requirements. Each of our courses is developed to provide students a 100% online training experience, all content is Nationally Recognised and Accredited. Each of our courses are developed to provide students with a 100% online training experience. You will also have access to our unique Simulated Workplace which will provide you the opportunity to implement your new found knowledge in an online company. AOT provides you with personalized support with access to qualified Trainers who are experts within their respective fields with extensive knowledge and experience.
Easy Decisions: AOT Course Advisors are there to assist you in choosing the right course to progress you in your career. Full trainer support: Trainers who are experts within their respective fields with extensive knowledge and experience. If you need any more information or have some questions, try a live chat with one of AOT's course Advisors. Logging in online and attending from your office or home alleviates the busy project management professional from being out of the office to attend a two or three day class.
This qualification reflects the cross-industry application of the work functions normally undertaken by a project team, spanning all phases of a project from concept through to close-out.
On completion of your qualification you will have the competence to plan, execute, monitor, control and close a project. They may provide administrative support within an enterprise, or have responsibility for these tasks in the context of a particular team, workgroup or project.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement. This involves establishing human resource requirements, identifying the learning and development needs of people working on the project, facilitating these needs being met and resolving conflict within the team. It covers assisting the project team to plan communications, communicating information related to the project and reviewing communications.
It specifically involves assisting the project team to plan for, control and review risks associated with the project.
You can start your course at any time, complete your course at your own pace and study at times that suit you and your lifestyle. Visit Global Star Enterprises to learn more about our unique Simulated Workplace environment. Also, the low price of $49.99 USD per class removes the hassle of corporate approval if individuals wish to further their knowledge on their own.
Studying online is the easiest and most convenient way to improve your level of qualifications which provides you the potential to increase your earning capacity. Our assessments can be based on our simulated workplace providing you the practical work experience you need. From the moment you receive your username and password, you will have full access to all of your course material. There is no need to continuously download information as you progress through your course which can prove to be not only inconvenient, but also quite expensive.

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