E-Training World has won awards for its online driver risk assessment and e-driver training system. We pioneered the concept of online risk assessments and have an outstanding reputation for the quality, content and driver interaction of our systems. We can quickly provide contract hire companies, fleet management specialists, insurance companies, driver training businesses and a whole host of other organisations with a fully branded, tailored online driver risk assessment and e-learning system. As well as driving systems, we offer a range of health & safety, fork lift truck and customer service courses.

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Our risk management framework is designed to ensure that all significant risks, opportunities and uncertainties are identified and assessed in terms of their potential impact on key objectives, analysed quantitatively against the financial model or capital cost estimate, then managed and mitigated within a planned and structured framework.
Develop the overall risk management strategy, procedure, and risk management plan to mitigate the risks.

This form has prompts for hazard identifiation, a risk assessment tool, the heirarchy of control and an action plan for implementation and monitoring of controls.

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