With AGCC online training you can train yourself & colleagues with our wide range of online training courses. AGCC Online Training is a platform for online training and managing training progress in a simple, easy to use dashboard. Essentials for office safety, fire and emergency, work life balance, stress, accidents, computer desk safety (DSE) as well as home working, manual handling and bullying.
Advanced management, 5 Steps to Risk Assessment (INDG163), HSG65 and case law to define principles including absolute, practicable, reasonably practicable and reasonable. Understand domiciliary care, medicine administration and Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) with the essential health and safety aspects of manual and people handling, fire safety along with the symptoms and effects of dementia, promoting independence and the benefits of routine on behaviour.

Help students to learn about safety at work and communicate the risks to their peers with new approaches to tackling occupational diseases. AHP training for hospitals; Safeguarding, Equality, BLS (Basic Life Support), Conflict Resolution, Manual and People Handling, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Food Handling, Preventing Radicalisation and more. To get started choose a course (or two) from our training courses, you will then receive an email with login instructions. Throughout the year your courses can be referenced, each year after the initial course, renewals are available to keep you up-to-date. By simply checking a box, managers provide instant access for their staff and upon completion the trainee can receive their certificate.

Risk management including; COSHH, fire risk, hazards, control of contractors, accident management, legionella and gas service maintenance amongst other modules. Some of those involved with the development process are also actively part of the IIRSM Branch Executive Committees and past IOSH Executive Committee.
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