I had to create a sales funnel for my company and I looked all over the internet to see how to do what I needed to do. I took the liberty of making little changes to Shay‘s funnel chart template to make it even better. Back when I was working with an IT services company, sales funnel is a key part of our monthly scorecard.
This "funnel" doesn't even look like a funnel, and nothing about the stacked up disks indicates values visually. I agree that this chart is a poor choice but if it is what your boss wants, as the case with shay, we have no choice but to make it. I'm sure you had to stop at this slide and discuss it at great length, because it makes absolutely no sense. If your boss insists on this kind of chart, ask where the numbers go, and how the graphical elements reflect the corresponding numerical values. Also, this is a replica of a chart that they are familiar with and I just had to replicate it in a dashboard. Unfortunately, everyone does not agree with you and a chart can represent whatever the person designing the chart wants it to represent.
Of course that's assuming you had a choice of not making the funnel chart and the powers that be in the organization are willing to listen to alternatives. Gad, it is easy to chew on the meat someone else killed and served, but we are about training aren't we? CPI is Continuous Process Improvement and we all learn more delightfully from listening to someone else getting roasted. However you also have a responsibility to demonstrate alternatives that may assist him (the boss) getting the story across in a better manner. One issue I need to note here is that Chandoo.org isn't about telling you how to do your job.
It is about demonstrating techniques that may be applicable in some cases and often can be extrapolated or used in other spaces. I think the effort of MVP's throwing words back and forth at each other would better be spent requesting MS albeit nicely to add dynamic objects to Excel where the size of the object can be linked to a cell without reverting to VBA! If you were writing a book that your boss dictated, and he said, "Him ain't going there" would you edit it or leave his words as they were? Agree Dave I reckon it looks like a funnel and wasn't bothered about the actual detail used (I never even looked at it to be honest) as I just saw it as nice example of how Excel can be creatively used to tell a story and the actual usage wasn't the point I was quite surpised it aroused such negative feedback. I shared this file with you because I like the idea of using a static image and text boxes to show & format numbers so that it looks a little more exciting than the data table in DATA sheet.

One more note: I wish you would focus less on the numbers and more on technique as these are just Random numbers. Having worked with unreasonable bosses in the past, I can understand the difficulty when they simply won't listen to reason.
I would also like to create something like this to show the process from prospect to customer. As with all job descriptions keeping a simple, clear and concise descriptions makes the job application process more streamlined.  You will get a better more targeted response, the better your job description is written.
Some form of sales experience is recommended (retail sales, telesales, internet sales, recruitment sales), but we offer product-training workshops so it’s not a requirement.
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I used the shapes drawings to create the funnel graphic and the camera tool to place the values in each shape. We would use the funnel get a view of our sales process, how it has fared compared to last month, year and whether we are in a good shape to reach our annual goals.
The funnel metaphor isn't all that great anyway, and most attempts to graph it like a set of trapezoids are failures. You would be better with a simple table, since any attempts to interpret the chart graphically are doomed. A table would be easier to describe, and all those little disks are nothing but chart junk.
A boss shouldn't get anything he wants, if it can be demonstrated that what he wants is counterproductive. There are a lot of techniques that could be shared with everyone, but should not be shared if they are counterproductive. I couldn't come up with a quick example for when it's "appropriate" to correct the boss, but yours is perfect. While I appreciate such diverse comments and strong views, keep in mind that the funnel in this chart is just a diagram. Especially if she has 22 years experience, strong results & excellent support behind her.

If you have anything else you have found effective for this or other ideas, I'd be interested to see too.
This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts. I tried your funnel chart as well but because my numbers are all over the place I couldn’t get it to work for me.
Once all the text boxes are added, we just adjust their formatting and our funnel chart is ready. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox.
Not just that, the cxo meeting would stop at this slide and discuss at length about the process.
Visual effects that have no relation to data really ought to have no place in any reporting or decision-making process. Ok Jon " I hate everything unless it's my idea" Peltier doesn't like the things you put up BUT you have many, many more readers than Jon. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
Markers in a bubble chart are sized to cells in the worksheet, and they're not always done right. I cannot think of anyone who accepts constructive criticism as readily as Jon does, often complimenting those who suggest modifications to his work. As a way of indicating that you start with a large quantity and whittle it down to the won business its a reasonable visualisation. I actually do a single stacked column graph with a white overlay of shapes to create a funnel look - they love it (go figure). You're welcome to all who said thanks and thanks for the constructive criticism from those that provided it. However, if I post anything in the future, I will be sure to make sure the numbers add up properly.

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