Seniors, Mico Ariola, Lela Schwartz, Anna Ingels, Emily Droge, Brittany Hartman, and help of Ms. Pre-teens don’t know who they are, what group they belong in, what they should act, smell, feel, or even talk like. After the girls explain to people what they actually want to portray and achieve, many adults and peers give them their full positive support. They look for girls who can balance their time, be passionate about the program, and in pace the with the information. I ended up finding Girl Talk when searching volunteer organizations online and recruited the rest of the leaders who helped me along the way,” said senior, Mico Ariola. We thought that from becoming a child to a teenager is an integral point where most girls need to seek help at,” said Ariola. Before high school, the pre-teen years are what influences the most in a person’s life.

The girls particularly liked lesson plans that involved friendship, family, and boys… of course,”  said Arieola. With this being their first year, they hope to find the girls in the program transform well into the future of the movement. Although people assume that Girl Talk is a place where they gossip to each other, they actually encourage self-esteem, making good choices, and thinking independently as human beings. We avoid using specific names and all girls are aware that whatever they discuss at Girl Talk stays there, unless there’s something we must report to administration,” said Arieola. Teachers, friends, and counselors even give them their own experiences to share the bread of thought around. It’s all about progressing forward to the era of growing up into a woman with good moral values unlike many today. The Tenaya administration, principal Garcia and psychologist Shannon Langlo even encouraged the girls to go on forward. The girls talk about deep issues such as eating disorders, bullying, as well as substance abuse.

They take it seriously and have no place for incoherent false opinions towards their inspirational movement. They both could guide the pre-teen girls on forth to a better type of positive peer pressure.
Their lesson plans will vary form what the girls want to talk about or how well they react to a certain subjects.

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