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Most of the users of this site are from the UK and USA, but the rest of the world figures in the log too - welcome to users from some very exotic places like Viet Nam, Chile etc.
2Attending lectures: be sure to avoid the trap of attending lectures simply because they are there.
4Attempting problem sheets, especially those given out by maths lecturers, is likely to cause depression. 7 Rather than take out a student loan, you have two much better options: a) get a full-time job - at least you'll have something interesting to say on your CV and nobody will notice that you are not at university, or b) borrow money on your credit cards and declare yourself bankrupt at the end of the course. 8Obviously the sole purpose of doing the first(second) year is to be allowed to doss about in the second(third) year; unfortunately this requires you to pass your exams - or does it? The following resources provide tips on how to recall more information from your lectures through active listening and purposeful notetaking. Collect notes for each course in one place, in a separate notebook or section of a notebook.

Pay close attention to transitional words, phrases, and sentence which signal the end of one idea and the beginning of another.
Specialists in Creative thinking training, leading Innovation, Strategic Thinking techniques and facilitation.
In order to be more helpful, I have added Google's automatic translator at the top of each page. Danger signals to watch out for are: a) attending 9am lectures, b) doing any work that isn't marked. If you MUST attend, be sure to a) take your mobile phone so you can text people, b) sit near your friends for a cosy chat.
It is far better to simply wait for the answers and simply check that you could have done them really, had you bothered. Curiously academics still believe in books, so consider including a few randomly chosen but serious sounding references from the university catalogue (it is of course completely unnecessary to read them, or even know where the library is). It might be far more efficient to pass just one or two and do resits for the others at a later stage.

These courses are designed for students that would like to earn credit toward their undergraduate degree, but require the flexibility of a self-paced online learning environment.
I do not accept any responsibility for these translations but it might be better than nothing.
If you are currently enrolled in an online or traditional on campus degree program, these courses can help you meet your general education requirements. On the other hand, if you plan to study in English, you should be able to read this in English and you might prefer to do that anyway.

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