Be a successful international businessperson through COM 550, learning fundamental issues in international and global communication, particularly in international business communication.
This course will provide an introduction to American cultural and racial diversity by exploring immigrant groups – through a sociological lens. JSU is offering special online classes for undergraduate students during the 2015 summer terms.* Best of all, these classes will be available at the regular tuition rate rather than at the higher online rate.

An introduction to the archives profession, archives administration, main uses of primary sources in academic research, and archival issues regarding the Internet and other technologies.
Here, we will explore several new ways sociologists have approached the study of immigration, comparing, for example, how different waves of immigrants have experienced differential or segmented assimilation, and how “new” immigrants interact with changing labor markets and other structures of inequality in contemporary American society. We shall also pay particular attention to the children of immigrants, their patterns of acculturation, their changes for socioeconomic mobility, and the long-term prospects of immigrant communities.

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