Participants can attend online in real-time through ImagineSolar’s Triple-O Learning Platform. Recent studies have shown that 60% of all new jobs in the US will require skills that only 20% of the workforce is in possession of. Not only is this resource able to minimize company downtime and maximize career development opportunities for all employees, it is also available to access externally of a workplace environment by non-workforce members who wish to advance their careers during interim employment periods. E-learning has risen to meet the demand for staff training that has become critical at a time when downsizing has meant that remaining staff have had to take on more challenges. One reason for why e-learning is so capable of providing low cost learning solutions is its versatility. E-learning was at one point set back by the advent of the internet, which replaced traditional media learning with learning ‘solutions’ characterized by slow connectivity, an absence of audio or video and even limited static image quality. Modern e-learning is quite the opposite, delivering media-rich and mobile-ready content across a variety of platforms. E-learning has also proved useful across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to warehouse or office environments. Advancements in the technology of e-learning mean that, not only are users able to access wider and more comprehensive range of learning resources than has been previously possible, they are also now able to do so within an individually tailored time-frame that doesn’t require professional downtime. Employees’ time is stretched to the maximum in today’s workplaces and finding time to devote to ‘classroom-style’ training can be difficult as well as costly.
Multi-course prices - A second certificate will cost just $12 and additional certificates just for $6 each.
People from all walks of life, including healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to be able to help others in the event of an emergency, can take the American Academy online courses.
Board certified medical doctors have professionally written and reviewed the series of courses for BLS CPR training sessions. American Academy courses are all created by healthcare professionals and licensed physicians. The online course materials take advantage of high-quality illustrations, videos, and detailed diagrams to create an online learning experience that is as close to being in a traditional classroom as possible without the drawbacks of a traditional classroom. Friends and coworkers may love traditional classroom settings, but the same quality training and support are available without leaving home. FREE instruction on the skills needed to save a life, including proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator. AED, baby CPR, and BLS recertification for the small price of $14.99 for the first wallet certificate, $12 for the second, and $6 for each additional certificate. American Academy basic life support courses are geared towards adults who want a quick and affordable way to get their BLS recertification. The basic life support course is ideal for professionals who need BLS Certification as part of their job. Beyond BLS CPR renewal, American Academy also offers first aid certification, Adult CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification courses.
Save time and expense of signing up for a traditional class by taking the BLS Certification online. Board certified doctors licensed to practice in the United States created American Academy's basic life support course content. Accepted nationally by institutions such as hospitals, day cares, public & school libraries, government agencies, nursing homes, home-care agencies, construction companies, fitness centers, tattoo artists, hotels, restaurants, plumbers, and all other health professionals. This course of ten modules, called Philosophy, looks to some of the great philosophical traditions for direction and inspiration.

Of all the places you could be, of all the web pages you could be looking at, why this one? There is no attempt to cover all philosophical systems, but there is plenty for anyone interested in the big questions of life and the world around us.  The course includes ideas put forward by Socrates, Plato, Confucius, the Bible,  Buddha, Epicurus, Emerson, Vivekananda and Maharaja Shri Shantananda Saraswati, a modern exponent of the philosophy of unity or Advaita. Module  7.  The light of reason.  How can reason enrich our lives and the lives of those around us? We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you have an excellent understanding of Philosophy .Whilst we will do everything possible to assist you in meeting our required standards, not every student meets our standards. VITA online training & education’s monthly ongoing learning and best practice group for all students. I have learned a great deal of powerful personal development techniques, which have helped me to overcome adversity in my personal life and, in turn, I have been able to help others, who needed my help to improve their quality of life; a veritable virtuous circle.
I recently attended an NLP practitioner course which Jimmy and one his colleagues delivered.
Jimmy was pivotal part of all the football programmes broadcast on Sky Sports Radio between 2006-2011. CARIS users interested in taking the new self-paced online training course for ENC production using CARIS S-57 Composer can now take advantage of a free demonstration version of the course.
The full ENC Production online training course is designed to provide users with a basic understanding of how to use CARIS S-57 Composer to create and update International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). To try the free demonstration version visit the ENC Production with CARIS S-57 Composer training course website today. The CARIS Ping-To-Chart™ software is designed to deliver an integrated and seamless solution for the entire workflow of hydrographic information. CARIS software offers a comprehensive level of support with training sessions, consulting, and a series of courses as well as technical support via online services, multilingual telephone support, and email. It happens on a daily basis, informally and socially, as connections are made both in and outside of the workplace environment and individual employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own professional development.
While organic learning is a vital part of professional development, sometimes it does not provide individuals with the necessary resources or materials to maximize their learning potential. However there is a specific type of resource available which can maximize the potential for information-rich learning to take place within the workplace itself. And because e-learning is cost effective and easily implemented, companies wishing to maximize the capabilities of their staff during the recession have found it particularly useful. Career development now benefits from learning strategies which incorporate the best of both e-learning and traditional learning methods, with the added incentive that they e-learning resources can be accessed globally and incorporate ongoing assessment criteria which provide an objective measurement of knowledge retention. The impact upon individual career development is significant, as learning can now be conducted alongside vocational career development for maximum benefit. Web-based learning provides a cheaper, more flexible training solution that also enables employees to train at their desktops, working at their own pace wherever and whenever they want.
Choose between a variety of options, including BLS training, recertification, AED training, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including adult, child, and infant CPR. This includes any of the American Academy popular courses for online BLS recertification or first aid certification. American Academy study materials are unmatched for quality and ease of use, and thoroughly cover Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillators, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
They are also ideal for those or who want to learn emergency medical skills to use within their own families.
They also apply to individuals who want to have the skills to help loved ones in case of medical emergencies.

Whatever life-saving skills you need for your profession or your own knowledge can be gained by taking courses featured on this site.
A few seem to have found, if not all the answers, then ways of tackling such questions that helped them to enjoy richer, less stressful and more useful lives. Jimmy's knowledge on the subject is extensive however he can easily translate this into every day experiences making him an excellent teacher. The free version allows users to go through the first part of the full ENC Production with CARIS S-57 Composer training course. The online course offered by CARIS provides the best of a classroom training setting with the convenience of learning at your own pace from your desktop. CARIS offers a highly effective solution for real-time processing and robust quality control of sonar data and the creation and distribution of maps, charts, and, digital datasets.
This is particularly true when it comes to accessing information from multiple resources, despite the ease with which the internet facilitates information sourcing. Following completion of coursework and the test at the end, BLS certification can be printed out. Each course conveys the knowledge needed to help others in life-threatening emergencies and get a BLS certification. The online BLS certification course covers such important topics as infant CPR, child CPR, adult CPR, and AED training.
It is recommended that everyone who is of able body and mind learn basic life-saving skills.
Without exaggeration the NLP course that Jimmy Petruzzi taught and his methods have changed all aspects of my life for the better.
The course was well-structured, professionally run and content rich but the crowning glory of it all was the interpersonal skills and the knowledge that Jimmy has.
I have already used a number of the strategies taught by Jimmy in my work place and seen great results. Users will have access to the course content, videos and step-by-step exercises that are available in the first part of the course, giving them a first-hand look. The CPR and AED skills acquired in an online BLS Certification course teach efficient and effective response in a medical emergency. The standard BLS Certification course is for those individuals who are not medical professionals but who frequently work with the public or in a public environment. He is gracious, determined, unjudgemental and extremely generous in sharing his experiences with the people he works with. According to Wikipedia , these devices can be used by medical professionals, but have specifically been designed to be used by people who do not have medical backgrounds. For the enhancement of skills in adult, infant, or child CPR, or to obtain a BLS Recertification, our standard courses are the perfect solution. These skills are reinforced with statistical information, helpful full-color diagrams, and sufficient instruction to help save lives. Such skills take minutes to learn, but they can be the difference between life and death for your children, your spouse, your parents, or even strangers on the street.

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