Refresh yourself on the basics of Excel 2010 and build on this knowledge including advanced topics. Instructions and exercises focused on all the various aspects of running What If sensitivities in Excel models.
Instructions and exercises focused on all the various aspects of VLOOKUP including both the approximate and exact matches.
By learning about this single formula (10 minutes at most) you will be able to do all the processes listed below.
Let Norman Rose guide you through the complete, on-line POSITIVE customer service sales and training process. Videos are an important part of this course, demonstrating optimal customer service and selling methods as well as incorrect ones. The POSITIVE Sales Process will give your selling style a complete makeover, refine your closing techniques, and give your sales numbers a major boost.
At the heart of the process is the authentic adoption of a positive attitude, some valuable time-management principles, and methods of creating a successful outlook.
This course offers foolproof techniques for problem-solving, building a team spirit with customers and maintaining a high level of professionalism. The Dynamic Learning Online (DLO) web-based Excel 2007 training utilises the latest in Cognitive Load Theory to quickly outline and teach the latest Excel features in a powerful and easy-to-use format. Buy your 12 month's subscription to the world's easiest and most thorough online training program to learn Microsoft Excel 2007.
Our inbuilt Learning Management System database provides a detailed summary of what lessons you have undertaken, how many times you may have worked through a lesson, and how long it has taken you.
University tested online training courses for Microsoft Office, Windows, Social Networking, & Digital Photography Cameras! At Investment Banking Institute, we understand that different Individuals have their own set of requirements and we work closely with our corporate clients to understand and define requirements of the participants and create a customized program that addresses stated goals.. This is a training manager database application that will enable you to manage the training of your staff within your organisation.
This is a flat file Excel training manager database that is filtered with an advanced filter with multiple criteria. This application has been designed by Trevor Easton for training purposes.  You are able to use this for your personal use.
I have decided to make a few small changes to the database that you see in the overview video.
Note: A dynamic named range must have data for it to work so make sure that you have values in these lists. Test the named range by selecting it the Name Manager and clicking the Refers To: box on the right hand side. Create the userform exactly as you see it and when all is working, then go in and modify I to suit your needs. Note:  ComboBoxes will need the named ranges added to the Rowsourse properties of the listbox. Before we start adding the code for our user form we need to add the advanced filters and some navigation to the Assorted Module in our VBA project. I would strongly recommend that rather than simply copy the macros for the Advanced Filters that you take the time to record them and see how the code is structured.
If you are unfamiliar with how advanced filters work, may I suggest that you view the tutorial below and spend some time becoming familiar with them. Add this code to the shape on the worksheet that you want to click and return to the interface sheet. Do the same for the shape on the worksheet that you want to navigate to the database sheet. One of the powerful features of this application is its ability to quickly show who is overdue for training in any department at any given time frame.

I will do my best to try to explain this code as we go through it and may I respectfully suggest that you take the time to read my rambling comments in the hope of gaining some benefit. Please take the time to read through the code below and try to figure out what is happening.
To be able to filter the staff that are overdue by Department or for the whole organisation we are going to run some special code.
When we need to add new training or to edit existing training we need to be able to select a staff member and assigned training and send it to the controls at the bottom of the user form for editing. In contrast to the previous procedure we will now be editing existing training competencies. The procedure below will find the training and competency that has been sent to the controls at the bottom of the user form and deleted it. We call this procedure twice in the user form once from the clear button at the top and gain from the clear button in the controls at the bottom. You will notice I’m using the worksheet to be able to calculate the due date based on the frequency added. Here we are setting the date format's for two of the controls and clearing the listbox row source before we run the advanced filter.
Looks great cant wait to do this project, not sure if i can use in work thou as training needs to be visible for all staff to see, bit like your other training project, if this could produce the the same visual affect as the other it would be ideal for me. The spreadsheet competency tacker is good visually for up to 80 to 100 staff (it has been extremely popular).
As an example a hospital ward could use the competency tracker but if you needed a view for the whole hospital then this would be the better option (or an Access Database). In MS Access you have the ability to pivot filtered data in a form to see data horizontally. The due date is calculated on the sheet and returned to the userform with the change event in Reg8. When you change the frequency the start date and the frequency are sent to the worksheet and the due date is calculated and returned to Reg9 ( Due).
Note:You can use the AddDate function if you wish ( and bypass the worksheet calculations) but as the senarios get more complex as in my finished copy, it is error prone. Once a staff member is added additional training can be allocated for that staff member and the period can be updated and checked. I think what is happening is that your are renaming the file you are removing the file type.
Offering a fresh, new relationship-building guide, this course will totally transform your work environment.
In no time at all, you will be making a positive, lasting impression on each and every customer – using professional greetings, phone skills and eye contact, and handling interruptions with ease. Adopting the POSITIVE Sales Process will make your work more enjoyable, improve your relationships with customers and boost your sales. Sixteen interactive online training sessions or activities, covering many of the important new features of Excel 2007, are included. It has powerful filtering capabilities that will let you see the condition of the training that has been accomplished and training that is due. If you have completed other projects you may wish to move on to this one to learn new techniques. To make the application a little bit easier to develop for those who are new to VBA I have removed the option buttons. Once your ranges have been added you can add as many values as you want to each of the three dynamic named ranges in the lists. When we transfer the data from the user form completed date and the frequency this formula will calculate the due date.
They are an awesome tool in filtering data sets especially when we wish to use multiple criteria.

Do not forget that the when using advanced filters that you must use the same headers for the Extract Range and the CopyTo range and also the Criteria range. To achieve this we need to adjust the criteria range for our advanced filter and sends them different values to that criteria range. This will give them a module level scope, in simple terms their values will be held in memory the whole time that the module is open and they will be available to any procedure within this module. Have a read through it carefully and pay particular attention to have the date criteria is moved into the advanced filter criteria depending on user form selections. The procedure below sends the user form values to our advanced filter criteria depending on user form selections. If the staff member has already been assigned that training competency then after it is added a message box will be sent telling us a duplication has occurred and encouraging us to delete the duplication if that is what we desire. So no new data is added rather existing data is edited and then overwritten in our dataset. However this application will handle 100's of staff with multiple competencies with far more filtering capabilities. If it hold more than you can see a scroll bar is added to the right hand side so you can scroll down. There is an advanced filter that filters them and a named range references the data that you see in the listbox. You will also be engaging customers as you ask the right questions, identify their needs, address their concerns, and supply them with everything they need as you close their sales with confidence.
With our companion Excel 2007 testing module, you can quickly check your skill levels before training, and monitor these again once you have completed the various interactive training activities. This course will help to improve your work in excel as you cover the topics with real life examples.
Staff Training manager is run from two userforms which move data to the database and retrieve data from it once filtered. It is best to complete the project as I have set up before customising it to suit your own needs or the needs of your company. You will notice that I have added room here for a dynamic named range for the grades as well. I explain a little later in this tutorial why I'm using the worksheet to do this and not the AddDate Function.
The reason for this I guess it is obvious in that if training only needs to be done once then there is no due date.
When the training is found by searching for each unique ID (Reg10) we quickly find the first value and that the loop through those values and add them to our userform controls. If the training we assign the first time is “New” (has not been completed yet) no due date will be added. I'm using a message box variable to enable the user to change their mind or validate their decision to delete the training. I have chosen to use the worksheet to make this calculations because as you add more complex scenarios as I do with the option buttons in the overview video this method is less prone to error. If you decided to use this see you would need to change the control on the userform to a combo box.
If training is new then it has not been completed as yet and so a due date could not be assigned at this stage.
Yes also if you change control names they will need to be changed in the code that references them. Because you will have a better idea of how it works and will be in a better position to change and keep its full functionality.

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