The need (and desire) for on-demand education has intensified and will only continue into the future. To further our ongoing discussion about online education as a viable career and business model for content creators and entrepreneurs, Brian Clark brought in a special co-host today. Want to know what it takes to transform managers and supervisors into effective corporate leaders? Whether you are working with experienced upper management or those who are new to the leadership path, creating a goal-centric online training strategy is essential. Though it’s always good to have well-rounded corporate leaders who are familiar with a wide range of tasks, your leadership online training program should focus on the core skill sets that your corporate leaders need on a daily basis.
Online and Onsite Diversity and Sensitivity Training in the Workplace ProgramsDiversity Builder, Inc.
Comprehensive Diversity in the Workplace Training Online & Onsite Programs Our programs are customized to meet specific needs of senior leadership, management, and staff. Our diversity training (often referred to as sensitivity) covers an introduction to diverse group characteristics and definitions, such as cultural, disability, gender, age, and sexual orientation.
Looking for an affordable way to train or coach an individual or a few key staff on diversity-related topics?
A company hires a new supervisor who has not yet completed the corporate diversity training program onsite. An individual or employee violates a company discrimination policy or code of conduct related to diversity or sensitivity. Diversity in the workplace education is quickly becoming recognized as a low cost, high return value for corporations and small businesses.
Diversity workplace programs inclusive of human characteristics such as race, spirituality, gender, sexual orientation or status as a disabled person, allow companies to demonstrate to their employees that they are seen, recognized and valued. Essentially, successful companies harness workplace diversity and allow their business to attract and retain quality staff.
So, what determines whether “brain-training” programs will be successful for your child?
That being said, what the research shows us is that there are many types of working memory and executive functioning weaknesses (i.e.
If they do improve skills, the benefit typically reduces after the child stops using the program.
In school, students can use classwork or homework instruction designed to help them use their brain through the use of questions designed to make them think. If you manage or own a company, store, dealership, small business, or national business, you’ll want to sign up as a sponsor and hire these well trained vets upon completion of their program.

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In this article, I’ll share 7 tips for developing leadership online training programs that offer your corporate learners the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to take charge in your organization. It must also provide corporate leaders with the online training resources and skills they need to support their staff, so that they can inspire them to improve performance and boost productivity. This can prevent cognitive overload and give them the opportunity to master the skills they truly need, rather than developing those that won’t help them or your staff members. Thus, every corporate leader should have their own personal goal plan that leads them to success in their department or niche. Our diversity training courses equip participants with the skills to create a safe and cooperative working environment. Participants are introduced to the business case for leveraging diversity and how to identify their individual conflict resolution style, and how their style might differ from that of others.
We offer custom solutions to meet your needs in the areas of Diversity in the Workplace, Discrimination & Sexual Harassment, Sexual Harassment Prevention (California), including AB 1825, Business Ethics, 360 Degree Feedback, Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity, Gender Expression, and Developing Diverse Teams. More than just "inclusion," a commitment to work place diversity training helps businesses create a satisfactory, safe and meaningful environment in which people thrive. Lumosity (ages 13 and up) and CogMed (grade pre-K and up), for example, make claims about cognitive skill building.
Some studies have shown positive results, however there has been criticism regarding the study designs. When it comes to brain-based learning of any kind, a number of things need to happen simultaneously.
Instead, using everyday activities or experiences are much more likely to result in long term strengthening of your brain. For example, instead of having students solve an equation, ask them to design their own equation that equals 20. Challenge yourself out loud to remember your grocery list, the phone numbers of your family members, or play Sudoku (without listing the possible numbers) to improve working memory, and talk about it in front of your children. Job Training for Veterans provides companies with a well trained sales force ready to hit the ground running. Below you’ll find 7 tips and techniques for developing an online training program that is custom tailored for your corporate leaders.

Focus on the talents they require to do their job most effectively, as well as the tasks they may be asked to complete regularly, or those that their team members perform. The trouble with many leadership online training programs is that they take a generalized approach that involves goals and objectives that may help the organization, but not necessary the corporate leaders.
Lumikids, an offshoot company of Lumosity, is a program designed for children ages 2-5 that claims only to enhance skills through gaming. First, your child’s brain cells must be ready to gain that skill and primed to scaffold or built on previous learning. What is lacking, however, is initial assessment of the type of deficits by someone like a neuropsychologist as well as individualized follow up. If you believe your child might have some of these weaknesses, it’s important to speak with a neuropsychologist to determine what his or her specific pattern of deficits are, and seek recommendations as to the best treatment or school support.
Also, tasks such as those found in programs like Odyssey of the Mind, that ask students to focus on the "how to learn" skills, provide open-ended task exploration which encourages brain development. Find stimulating intellectual activities and design a working discussion group to keep your mind active and your brain performance high. Organizational, listening, and communication skills are just a few of the most important abilities that corporate leaders typically need. For example, setting goals that can improve the customer service of the company may be beneficial, but only if you give your corporate leaders specific goals that center on skill development and task mastery. CogMed is an alternative program with more research, but the examination of the research still reveals that it is only effective for certain people with certain types of working memory issues.
Teaching problem solving skills by having students attempt to solve physics challenges prior to learning the scientific principle, a concept called productive failure, enhances their brain.
They must be aware of how they fit into the “big picture” and what steps they need to take in order to reach their true potential, so that they can then be a productive part of the management team. By motivated, I mean the activity must stimulate the emotion or pleasure centers of your child’s brain. Playing study games that require students to keep information in their mind and manipulate it, improves working memory skills. Last, your child must persist with the task long enough for your brain to make new, permanent connections.

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