Large Burmese pythons are now regularly encountered and occupy a wide variety of habitats in the park, including uplands, freshwater wetlands and the saline coastal fringe. Burmese pythons are overpopulating the Florida Everglades, and local wildlife is paying the price. The Burmese pythons are an exotic species, meaning they are not naturally part of Everglades National Park and should not be in southern Florida.

Do you know if they pose a danger to people visiting and exploring Everglades National Park? If you’ve been listening to the news, you know by now that these huge snakes probably originated from the pet trade, then grew too largeĀ and were releasedĀ in Everglades National Park. According to the article, researchers found a strong link between the spread of pythons and drops in recorded sightings of raccoons, rabbits, bobcats and other species.

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