ActiveOps provides you with guaranteed productivity improvement and enhanced operational control. Your engagement with ActiveOps typically begins with a Diagnostic Review, where our most senior practitioners will conduct an on–site survey of your current working practices. Find out how ActiveOps can help you through an assessment of your current practices against the AOM capability index.
We believe that operations should be a source of competitive advantage.  Our unique solutions and delivery expertise give you the competitive edge. The most comprehensive Operations Performance Management Software in the market, backed by global service, training and support. Workware helps you create capacity plans which make optimal use of your people’s skills and availability to deliver the best possible outcome.
The AOM Method and Workware software combine to provide solutions which can be rapidly deployed and will deliver lasting benefits across your organisation.
ActiveOps are Global Leaders in Operations Performance Management. We give you the capacity, control and choice to deliver operations excellence. ActiveOps AOM methodology is practiced by thousands of accredited managers around the world.
Taking this to the franchisee level, we help utilize the tools provided by their franchisors to plan and build for the future success of their individual businesses - marketing and area development plans, hiring, training, employee retention programs and more.
Multidisciplinary training in a face-to-face environment is preferred, but if you can't get to a live training session, this on-line version is now available!
Our Workware software suite is used to plan and manage the work of over 40,000 people every day across more than 40 countries. One possible problem is the lack of a Sales and Operations Planning process, whether using the ERP software or not.
He worked in conflict zones include countries like Angola, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Haiti, North Africa (Libya & Tunisia), Nigeria, DRC Congo and Iraq. In fact, we specialize in development and implementation of franchise and new business support programs.
Raath founded Tactical Executives, specializing in high-risk security training and high threat risk management consultation.  As trained Security Manager, Paramedic and a Health and Safety expert, Mr.
We work hand in hand with franchisors and their respective franchisees to help get the most out of their business relationships.

It is their tool for steering the Company to deliver the strategic objectives and business plan. They own the process, and are responsible for ensuring that it adds value to their business. His paramedic skills have seen him assist in mass casualty scenarios involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and medical assistance in conflict zones in Africa. Mr.
And we don't leave a client until we have trained a support staff to continue providing the highest level of service to their field.
S&OP is a monthly business process, just like the financial accounts; some months, do you say were too busy to do the accounts, leave it to next month? Raath has excellent threat and risk assessment, security planning, special weapons and advanced security training skills.
They need to see the big picture; in today's hectic world they often have not got the time for the detail.
At the end of each monthly cycle, top management needs to review the balance, primarily, of demand and supply, and of resources, finance, and people as well, and agree that the plans will deliver the objectives. Appointed to the security team of the Janet Jackson concert tour ofSouth Africa (November 2011). To achieve a successful process, top management needs both commitment and involvement (apologies, back to age old eggs and bacon story - the hen was involved, but the pig was committed!). Raath presented various Combat Tactical Firearm Training Courses to a large South African National carrier of high valuable goods. Develop one set of numbers, agreed at the top level, that will delight the customers, achieve the profit plan, and will be achievable by the major resources. Raath also worked with a Private Security Company in Baghdad as the Assistant Country Security Manager, overseeing all Private Security Detail (PSD) missions on a national basis. In 2013 Mr. Raath was appointed as Project Manager for the China Petroleum and Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) Camp 1. Most companies have too many finished products for the top management level to review each end item, so the data is reviewed at the family level, so that you can achieve this in a reasonable short meeting, say no longer than 2 hours. You are creating a realistic set of plans that can be passed on to others to develop the detail at the SKU level, and for the plans to be executed successfully. Poor medium to long term planning = poor shorter term planning = poor execution of plans = not hitting the numbers.

This mission included the setting up of regional offices, liaison with the Ministry of Interior, Border Police, Navy and Governmental Departments e.g.
Top management must be proactive in creating the right plans, to minimise their time reacting to crises.
Certainly, when there are problems, these may be escalated to the S&OP process, but top management would much prefer the conflicts to be ironed out lower down the organisation. What if scenarios, should be reviewed - what will be the impact upon operations and resources if that big contract from that major customer comes in 3 months from now? So S&OP provides top management with their view into the future, so that the top level, family plans for demand, operations, resources, engineering, finance, and personnel are reviewed, balanced and agreed every month. When the plans have been agreed at the top, they are communicated vertically down the organisation for more detailed planning and execution.
To have a set of plans that will deliver the strategic objectives, the business plan, and the annual budget.
To know that the projected sales and operations numbers will meet the current annual budget and the current business plan; if not, when is the gap, and when and how do we believe we can close that gap?
Create the forecast, probably using forecasting software that may or may not be in your ERP system, at the family level, using that extra month of data.
Get their input, and create a proposed demand plan, to go on to the demand planning meeting, for review and approval. Due to the nature of the high risk security business this database is confidential and only vetted and physically able operators are deployed on our missions.     Copyright 2009 Tactical Executives Security Ltd.
First create the operations plan that will meet the demand plan, on-time, in full each and every month, within known simple constraints. The first step of this may be to consider the balance of the old operations plan, and the new demand plan. This may be achieved with the creation of bills of resources, which show how much of these resources is consumed by one unit (pallet, item, kilo, whatever) of production.
Integrate the numbers with the rest of the business - what is the impact upon the financial numbers, the people numbers, the IT department, and more?

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