Though we are widely regarded as a security provider, the vast majority of the work that we do involves offering low to high level security advice and security cover to travelling executives, who are often operating on a tight time-schedule over a number of countries during a number of days.
To provide the best professionally reliable Security Services through our commitment to quality and stability to clients who deem Asset and Personnel Protection Vital. Sign in to the video below, which Hickton ordered Arda Demir to make "private", then X-rated.
Given that these businessmen and women are often moving through unknown countries, we can offer assessments on territories and personnel protection. He worked in conflict zones include countries like Angola, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Haiti, North Africa (Libya & Tunisia), Nigeria, DRC Congo and Iraq. Raath founded Tactical Executives, specializing in high-risk security training and high threat risk management consultation.  As trained Security Manager, Paramedic and a Health and Safety expert, Mr.

His paramedic skills have seen him assist in mass casualty scenarios involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and medical assistance in conflict zones in Africa. Mr. Raath has excellent threat and risk assessment, security planning, special weapons and advanced security training skills. Appointed to the security team of the Janet Jackson concert tour ofSouth Africa (November 2011). Raath presented various Combat Tactical Firearm Training Courses to a large South African National carrier of high valuable goods. Raath also worked with a Private Security Company in Baghdad as the Assistant Country Security Manager, overseeing all Private Security Detail (PSD) missions on a national basis. In 2013 Mr. Raath was appointed as Project Manager for the China Petroleum and Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) Camp 1.

This mission included the setting up of regional offices, liaison with the Ministry of Interior, Border Police, Navy and Governmental Departments e.g.
Due to the nature of the high risk security business this database is confidential and only vetted and physically able operators are deployed on our missions.     Copyright 2009 Tactical Executives Security Ltd.

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