Last week the UCI Emergency Services Division held five training sessions for our campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Staff.
The training focused on the basic principles of the Incident Command System, section-specific and job-specific roles and responsibilities, and various resources that are available in the EOC to assit with operations. Training and Exercises is an important component of the Emergency Services Division here at UCI. This course provides flight dispatcher school students with the fundamental aviation background necessary to succeed as a flight operations officer, or as a flight dispatch specialist. To learn more about our airline dispatch basic training course, download the Flight Operations Management Level 1 printer friendly document. The Range and Training Area Management Division is responsible for visioning, planning, program management, and sustainment of Range, Training Areas, and training capabilities aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, to ensure training resources are managed in a coherent, integrated manner. Develops plans and policies for the management and development of MCI West Installations resources.
Monitors and provides technical and operational advice pertaining to all aspects of training-related projects from conception to completion. Assesses training resource requirements of the operating forces, tenant commands, formal schools, the USMCR, and other USMC users.

Monitors the introduction of new weapons, ordnance, and equipment into the operating forces and ensures training resource management plans and policies are  provided for their use in training at installations throughout MCI West.
Ensure designs for training facilities and ranges are compatible with current Marine Corps conditions, tasks, and standards at Camp Pendleton..
Provides life cycle maintenance and sustainment of ranges through a comprehensive maintenance program that includes programmatic, scheduled and corrective maintenance processes. At UCI, we use the Incident Command System (aka ICS) Structure to guide our emergency response operations. Each section is comprised of staff from various departments across campus such as Student Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Management, Design and Construction Services, Transportation and Distribution Services, Police Department, Strategic Communications, Materiel and Risk Management, and other partners. The more we train and exercise the better prepared we are to respond to and recover from a disaster! After receiving your registration Jeppesen will then issue you a visa invitation letter if required, and then contact you to arrange course payment. The EOC is a centralized facility that has information management and communication systems, and can support multiple Incident Command Posts (ICP) at the same time.ADMS-EOC is a training system that enables training of EOC staff. As the Regional Range Manager, RTAMD is also the proponent for all matters pertaining to the oversight and coordination of ranges within the MCI-West AO.

Applies available, as well as anticipated, resources to clearly defined and validated requirements. Determines training device requirements, plans for acquisition, and fielding support at Camp Pendleton. The EOC receives images and streaming video from the simulated incident site via the ICP as they would in the real-world by CCTV’s, helicopter cameras etc. Communication is enabled through real-world equipment such as radios, telephone and e-mail.
On-scene ICP-staff will see the scene from their perspective, is able to work on-scene, and command resources. Off-scene EOC-staff will receive the information and views such as maps, vehicle information including real-time tracking, on-scene images sent by helicopters and CCTV’s, or pictures uploaded by on-scene staff. This station has an Instructor Toolset including a Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) for time and trigger based exercises.

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