The E-Certification program is designed to provide a fundemental command of "I Opt" technology. In the case of international candidates where time zone differences make telephone conversations impractical, emails are used in place of the telephone. The combination of narrated lessons and personal interaction insure that the e-certified candidate if fully equipped to conduct debriefings and training sessions. Our approach focuses on new way of business combining IT innovations and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s current assets. Our main emphasis is to deliver best quality in whatever we do, since clients never compromise with quality.
Technology leadership is the most successful strategy to challenge competitors and consolidate your position since business and technology work hand in hand.
We are committed to provide development and tech-support teams to software and high–tech companies with the required infrastructure at a very low cost from our state of the art development centers based in Jaipur and Indor, India.
The Quebec Amateur Netball Federation - Federation de Netball Amateur du Quebec has an executive committee set up to promote and increase the participation of Netball in Quebec. Marina, affectionately known as "Gerry," has been a member of the Quebec Netball Team from the age of fourteen. Annette has been an active member on the QANF Executive, serving as Secretary between 2003 and 2004, and is frequently involved in fundraising activities and sponsorship drives for QANF.
Playing the sport since childhood, Petra has been a member of several Junior Provincial Teams and was a member of the Canadian U21 Netball Team.
As Corresponding Secretary, Jonathan prepares documents for the regular operation of the QANF.
Host - Ana NairAna Nair became a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2005 and started Richmond Hill Walk-in Laughter Club in 2006.
Amanda has certification in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and is a certified Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Professional.
Introduction to Laughter Yoga - Everett Baker and Kathryn KimminsEverett Baker 'On a vacation some three years ago we met a woman who leveled the hips of my wife Trudy.
Kathryn Kimmins, a Holistic Practitioner since 2002, delivers through spiritual guidance; ‘Hands on Healing’ encompassing Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy.
When she’s not laughing and promoting Laugh Yourself Healthy around Ontario and doing Laughter Yoga cruises on the MSC Poesia she’s busy working part-time at SRH Health Foods on Barton St. Laughter Yoga with Seniors - Carlos GongoraCarlos Gongora is Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher by Dr. Lillian is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Occupational Health Nurse, presently working at an Acute Care Health Centre. Anna is a health and safety professional, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and has held a variety of positions encompassing all areas of health and safety  including OHS management and education, occupational health nursing, disability management and industrial hygiene assessments.

Lynn is a trainer and motivational speaker for companies, non-profit organizations, and support groups.
Marjorie MoulinWith over 15 years experience in private and public sectors of business and in various areas including corporate training, customer service and finance, Marjorie views laughter as an efficient solution for stress management, increased morale and healthy work environment.
Laughter and Meditation - Russell ScottRussell Scott is one of the new generation of non-guru, no dogma spiritual 'teachers'. We are proud to be the only USA Weightlifting sanctioned Barbell Club in the area with the only USAW coaches in the area. At the end of each lesson, telephone conversations with the "I Opt" representative charged with monitoring progress.
Clients opt for latest technology significantly while differentiating products and services. Our dedicated team works with methodology and knowledge to innovate and deliver excellent services.
We provide a wide range of profiles including project managers, project leads, Technical leads and Software Engineers. The executive performs the general administrative functions of the organization, including annual programs such as tournaments, training sessions, and social events.
Roberts-Joseph is well known as a pioneer for the development of the sport of Netball in Montreal, Quebec. As a senior netball player, she has a strong interest in the sport and contributes to the technical aspects of the club. At age 16, she was the youngest player on the Canadian Senior Netball Team at the World Tournaments in Singapore ('83), Scotland ('87), Australia ('91), and England ('95). A former member of the Canadian National Netball Team (2005 to 2006), she is a senior netball player and long-standing member of the Hairoun Netball Club (since 1990), where she currently serves as coach and assistant manager of the Club. Since then, she has advanced her skills to play at the A Levels in QANF and has been able to bring her enjoyment of the sport to her current role with the Federation, which she has held for a long time. He also manages the web site, as well as correspondence with players concerning tournaments and other matters managed by the QANF. I was an instant believer and have been active in pursuing alternative healing practices ever since. It seemed natural that the next major therapy to add to her skill set would be Laughter Yoga. Kataria School and Certified Life Coach by International Coach Academy, specializes in Human Development, stress management, teambuilding, leadership, peak performance and communication skills to national and multinational corporations in Canada and Colombia. She has many years experience working in the fields of social services, mental health and technical writing. She is also a corporate consultant for wellness programming, stress management, motivation, team-building, group dynamics, leadership, and interpersonal relations.

Bringing laughter to the business world has naturally become one of her passions.Co-creator of the Richmond Hill Laughter Club. Our company’s belief in this synthesis has motivated and enabled us to deliver solutions giving you a decisive competitive advantage. On the support side, we provide Team leads and Senior and Junior Technical support personnel on a 24 x 7 basis.
As the founding member of the Antilles Sports Club in 1971, she was also the founding president of the Federation in 1972, and today, continues to lead the QANF in the position of President. Annette is head coach of the Quebec Under 23 Provincial Team and has achieved Level 2 certification in coaching and umpiring.
As Tournament Director, Petra’s main objective is to promote the belief that above all, tournaments should consist of a competitiveness that brings out the best level of play from all participants and should always come from a place of love for the sport. As a brain tumour survivor and facilitator of a local support group for survivors, she has a strong interest in wellness of both mind and body. She has also conducted many Laughter Yoga sessions for a wide variety of clients - private functions, public enterprises, corporations, schools, senior homes and hospitals.In 2010 Marjorie became a Laughter Yoga Teacher, learning directly from Dr. For more than 35 years, she has helped the sport achieve a high level of awareness and participation, through the encouragement of local clubs, tournaments at the local and national levels, and representation of players at international tournaments including World Championship and Commonwealth Games. Besides being the Treasurer for QANF, she has taken on the role and duties of the Publicist, promoting and publicizing QANF events. She has been head coach of the Antilles Sports Club for over 15 years and is the founding member of the Capitals Netball Team in Ottawa, ON.
Currently pursuing her certification in coaching, Petra is an active member of Hairoun Sports Club.
She is a registered teacher through the International Yoga Alliance and is a member of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.
Regularly bringing the joy of laughter yoga to senior’s homes, their groups with special needs and various community groups. She has also had the role as manager of the Quebec U23 team and is currently a Level 2 umpire. On a weekly basis we participate in a Quantum Touch healing circle at our home which is also the home base of The Oak and River Retreat. We walk and swim regularly and eat healthy.When I was introduced to Laughter Yoga by Kathryn Kimmins at our Summer Solstice week-end celebration, I took an immediate liking to the format.

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