In the new quarterly revenue forecast it is predicted that Oregon's lottery revenue for the current budget cycle should hit $1 billion for the first time, some $69 million more than predicted. It makes the $60 million or so the lottery brought in after voters established it in 1984 look like chump change.
Lottery revenue took off after video poker was introduced in 1992 and again when casino-style "line games" were added last year. Profits fund projects that include education, state parks, salmon recovery programs, economic development, and athletic scholarships at state schools. He called the lottery a regressive tax - those least able to afford to lose pay a disproportionate share - albeit a voluntary one.

The second-largest expenditure goes to lottery retailers, 24.8 percent of net revenue, which means the money put into the machines minus the prizes paid out.
Bauman said 20 percent goes to economic development, which can cover broad ground including business expansion projects and underwriting employee training to lure businesses to the state. There have been moves to lower the retailers' percentage and send the rest to education, which has raised a fury among owners of the 2,077 establishments where the state's 10,848 terminals are placed. Addicted or not, with $1 billion in play the state "certainly depends" heavily on the income these days, said Lottery spokesman Chuck Bauman. The new casino-style line games, Bauman said, are proving especially popular at least partly because of their simplicity.

Bauman said Oregon's collection of lottery games is among the nation's largest, partly to appeal to a broad range of players.

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