Helping homeschool families on a budget use real books and life experiences to prepare their children for the real world. It's evident in our daily lives that when we plan ahead and stay organized, things run much smoother. Every Day of Education is where homeschool families on a budget learn to use real books and real life experiences to prepare their children for the real world. Creating bonds of trust and friendship with your children builds a bridge from your home to the real world. None of the above suggestions require your child to become an automaton or channel the spirit of Martha Stewart. I love keeping myself busy and never being bored so being organized helps me to plan out my day and to get everything done that I need to. I knew when I started to homeschool that I needed to teach my kids to prioritize their time and keep track of their stuff. Create a system of Incoming and Outgoing documents and tasks, and arrange essential items with visual cues like labels, color coding, and 'zoning'.

These methods can help them have a peaceful place to be productive, instead of spending energy and time trying to locate important books and papers. I put them in my notebook, and even on my phone if I have to remember to bring something with me. -To-Do Lists! Some aspects of their lives require daily attention and maintenance, while others need occasional checkups. Figuring out what needs to be done immediately and what can wait is the basis of prioritizing.
This is going to sound weird, but it's really satisfying to cross something off the list when you have it done. Also, by writing things down that you have to do, it makes you more inclined to actually do them.-Make a calendar! Communication is the foundation of any fruitful collaboration, and students who learn how to effectively exchange information and ideas will always be one step ahead. That way, if you have any conflicts or you need to study for a test in advance, you can plan it all out.

Let your kids talk to you about what they'd like to accomplish each day, each semester, and each year of their homeschool. Here's a picture of my iCal for this month and how it helps me stay organized!College really does help with organization and time management. Without a plan for proper nutrition and exercise, we tend to fall on the easiest and quickest solutions, which are often not the best for us.
Good luck organizing!Follow me on Twitter to hear more about how crazy college life is!

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