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How An Art Class Became A Little Community Molly Lithgo taught “Drawing In Color” at Forsyth Tech for twenty years, from 1996 until she retired last May, and Mary Lib McCachern and Shirley McElwee were in virtually every class. Growing up in a small New Hampshire town, Chantal Mullen had one goal – to become an artist. In August, Newsweek named Early College of Forsyth one of the top high schools in the country in its 2015 High School Rankings.
If you were to create an illustration showing Forsyth Tech’s links with the community, you’d probably end up with something like an airline map, with lines going every which way.

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To produce the highly skilled employees the market demands, however, requires financial support above and beyond the support we receive through the state and county. We focus in particular on the systemic social, cultural and living conditions that create economic and health inequality. T4H Institute also supports the development of community-based research (CBR) through funding and working with community organizations to conduct research and influence policy international development.T4H Institute’s research is policy and practice important – listening carefully community based voices on creating social change through public policy or practice solutions. This programs will assist these individuals with their families for accessing services relating to their education and future employment needs, The goal of the program is a holistic integrated vocational technical training and self-help work directly to youth groups and to help balance a solid foundation both future leadership needs and non-violence cultural values.

Tools for Humanity have about 3 collection points (Edmonton and Toronto ), Canada and  US  where companies and individuals donate their used tools. In particular locally organized projects focusing on gender oriented projects, vocational training, income generation, and creation of employment, as well as  marginalized groups, co-operatives, social enterprises, ecological awareness and environmental protection projects.

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