The applications of Positive Psychology to improving the performance and the quality of work life are immediate and clear.
Click here to read about Rewarding Careers Using Positive Psychology to Improve Organizational Effectiveness and the Quality of Worklife.
Click here to get the latest information about the World Congress on Positive Psychology in Los Angeles, June 2013. Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont is led by one of the founding fathers of the field, Dr.
Together, these courses provide students with the theoretical, methodological, and practical experience to pursue careers in academe, or in a wide range of high-level research and consulting positions. The goal of the program is to train doctoral students in research involving important issues affecting the quality of life.
Students are encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge in collaborative projects with institutions such as schools, workplaces, or social service agencies interested in improving the experience and lives of their constituents. Even if a business has optimized its processes, it cannot maximize profitability if its employee base does not work efficiently.
For graduates who choose to earn a PhD or PsyD, state licensure information is available through the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  In addition to your credentials, strong interpersonal skills are useful for working with individuals in numerous industries and from a wide variety of personal backgrounds. Industrial organizational psychologists usually work in office environments during normal business hours.
When working with a company, an industrial organizational psychologist might hold focus groups, conduct surveys, and interview key individuals within the organization.
Although job growth is projected to be strong overall in the coming decade for all psychologists in general, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that employment will be particularly favorable for industrial organizational psychologists.
In 2012, the median annual wage for an IO psychologist was $83,580, but wages can vary considerably depending on specialty. In a globalized business world, firms are increasingly looking to industrial organizational psychologists to analyze their hiring and training processes in order to have a more productive workplace. Clinical Psychology Programs: Integrating the Objective and Subjective Understanding how the mind affects mood and behavior is the focus of clinical psychologists. Psychology Careers: Hot Jobs in Psychology It’s an age-old question—why do people do what they do?
Helm at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.A A I also traveled on the pilot study abroad program to Martinique with Dr.

The new knowledge created through Positive Psychology research is aimed to improving organizational effectiveness and the work life of all individuals.
Students are encouraged to develop their own research agenda, based on their individual interests in the future of Positive Organizational Psychology.
These might involve evaluation studies of work satisfaction, flow, and engagement; or interventions aimed at enhancing the quality of experience of students and workers. However, industrial organizational psychology programs are almost always at the graduate level. They may need to travel frequently in order to conduct site visits or present their research at conferences. Once the research and analysis portion is completed, the industrial organizational psychologist will typically present their findings to board members and executives. From 2010 to 2020, industrial organizational psychology positions are expected to grow by 25%, a rate much faster than average. While employment prospects will generally be favorable overall, individuals who work in urban areas and those who are willing to travel overseas might find particularly good opportunities. We seek students committed to creating or improving socially responsible organizations ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce, global economy, and global community.
The Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, through its research arms (the Claremont Evaluation Center and the Institute for Research on Social Issues), has a broad network of external funders and both private and public connections in the world of applied research. Sometimes referred to as IO psychologists or simply work psychologists, industrial organizational psychologists rely on both empirical data and subjective analysis of workplace conditions in order to make recommendations to a company regarding a range of employments factors, such as an employee’s suitability to the position, composition of teams, and training and advancement opportunities.
Joining a master’s, PhD or PsyD program in industrial organizational psychology requires that you have already completed your bachelor’s degree. Companies that are merging or opening new offices, particularly if that includes overseas offices, may hire an industrial organizational psychologist to assist them during the transition phase. However, it must be noted that because the industry is small, this growth will result in only about 800 new positions nationally. Individuals who work in management and technical consulting services, as well as those in scientific research consulting, tend to have the highest wages. If you are good with people and have strong observational and problem-solving skills, consider exploring industrial organizational psychology graduate programs today. Start exploring industrial organizational psychology graduate programs, and gain insight into this specialized field of psychology that combines personal skills and business acumen.

A master’s in industrial organizational psychology with generally take two years to complete, while a doctoral degree typically requires three to five years of study and will usually culminate in a research dissertation written in conjunction with a thesis advisor.
Transformational leadership of the relationship between psychological safety and learning behaviours in work teams in Ghana. I am working on a MA in Corporate Communication at Duquesne University and am scheduled to graduate on December 17, 2009. I aspire to undertake the study of human communication, engaged through the lens of intercultural communication, so as to delineate how narrative ground is lost, gained, or redefined through cross-cultural, literary, verbal and nonverbal communicative experiences and practices amongst different groups. After Northwestern, she spent a year working as a Human Capital Analyst in Human Resource Transformation at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago.
Claire then decided to pursue a PhD, and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Higher Education at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include information technology and higher education, higher education policy, and intra-institutional collaboration.A i»?Claire Gilbert has known Dr. I read all of her books I could get my hand on while I was teaching English in primary school of BesanA§on, France, the year after my graduation from OU (2006). Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage). Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage). Afterwards, I was fortunate to immediately find a part time job at Vanier College in Montreal (Canada), an English institution part of the cegep system, as a FSL teacher. At that time, I was also working a full time job in a high school teaching French and English, and a part time job teaching English for medical staff.
I have been to Brazil and France, and also many parts of the United States visiting former classmates. I was also thankful to meet up with Suzanne Dracius while she was promoting her books in Quebec City in spring 2010.

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