My main interests are within Leadership Change Management and Culture, Coaching and Learning and development. The program is designed to help individuals and organizations increase their capacity for initiating, managing and sustaining workplace change efforts in increasingly complex and global environments. The doctoral program is designed for full-time students who desire fundamental education and skill development in the science and application of psychology to organizations. The Principles and Practices of Organization Development Program provides individuals with the core concepts and skills necessary for consulting to organizations and teams.

Sponsored by the War College, the Army Fellows Program involves one or two colonels spending a year studying and being mentored by Professor Burke, to study the Army itself as an institution. Social-Organizational Psychology ResourcesOrganization & Human Development Consulting Club (OHDCC)Resources for Current Ph.D. My work has been published as part of a group examining the impact of culture on Knowledge Management programme design at Henley Business School.
I have written on the impact of telecommuting on organizational culture and collaborated with Dr.

Giles Spony, Canfield Business School, on investigating the impact of cultural drivers as limiters in establishment of best practices in multinationals operating in Europe.

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