TBAE’s Organizational Skills Training Course will teach participants skills that will benefit them in both their personal and professional lives. Employee Performance Self – Assessment FormOr goals that you are responsible for in your job as well as the evaluation add, or delete any of these in order to best meet changing organizational needs.
AHandbookfor Measuring Employee PerformancePerformance plans have for focusing employee efforts on achieving organizational and group goals. This entry was posted in Employee Evaluations and tagged employee performance evaluation, organizational climate, performance competencies, share benefits.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tips and skills to become morem efficient when it come to time management and having better organizational skills. Don’t Forget – without the Regular Actions (Habits), all the Structures (physical Tools) in the world will Not help you to become more organized!

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Employees who can stay organized and focused on a project are extremely valuable to any company.
The skills acquired will assist the participants to improve their productivity, manage others better and cause an overall increase in professional growth. II Performance Competencies—Skills and and may be modified throughout the year based upon changing organizational needs. Statistics show the average worker loses at least one hour of productivity each day due to disorganization. Planning, time management, scheduling, coordinating resources and meeting deadlines are some of the organizational skills which all employees should develop. Participants will be taught how to organize their work area by keeping items within arm’s reach, arranging drawers, and organizing to match workflow.

Managers also require organizational skills to ensure that their team is kept busy and that they have clear direction.
Other subjects covered in the Organizational Skills Course include removing the clutter, prioritizing, scheduling your time, to do lists, paper and paperless storage, tools to fight procrastination, organizing your inbox, avoiding the causes of disorganization and discipline as the key to staying organized. 1 hour x one worker's hourly salary = 10 $ lost today 5 days a week x 10$ lost today = 50 $ lost this week 48 weeks x 50$ lost this week = 2400 $ lost this year 100 of employees x 2400$ lost this year = 240,000$ total! Developing strong organizational skills is an investment and will prove invaluable to the successful completion of your projects. That's the total amount of money an organization loses each and every year due to poor organization and inefficiency!

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